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  1. hello! Just curious because I applied to Iona and Mercy...what school are you committing to?
  2. For those of you who haven't heard back yet, have you reached out to the schools? They should be able to let you know what date you'll hear back by
  3. I also heard back from MSU "early acceptance" and Seton Hall a few weeks ago. Anyone accepted to seton hall or montclair, which are you choosing and why? If you have any pros/cons for the program that would help!
  4. I received one too! What programs are you waiting on still?
  5. I'm torn between both programs, if anyone has any insight/opinions I'd appreciate it! Seton Hall: $$, 65 credits, 3 clinical externships (no on-campus clinic), overseas trip option, new interprofessional building (not sure exactly how we will be collaborating with other students), culminating project is a portfolio of experiences, From a professor in the program: "The medical training is through coursework in Dysphagia +Neuroscience +neuromotor + Aphasia/Cognition courses along with clinical placements. In addition, student attend a one day training at JFK, Adler, Alaris and JCC for spec
  6. Good luck to you too! I'll post as soon as I receive notice!
  7. I'm thinking we should be getting something in the mail by tm or saturday! fingers crossed!
  8. I was told they'd be sending out answers this week. Yesterday my portal said rejection and then a few hours later it said decision in process so idk what that means
  9. Hey! From what I know if youre awarded the scholarship they pay for your master's, but then you have to work in whatever borough they place you in for 4 years. What two schools are you deciding between?
  10. Hey! That's awesome I think you found your fit I went to NYMC's accepted students day yesterday. Even though I love the program and how it's medically based, I was not impressed by the clinic or classrooms. Thank you for your feedback and best of luck to you!
  11. Hey, unfortunately I don't have much insight but I'll be visiting NYMC on Friday. Did you go see NYU? Because if you went to visit both and still are leaning toward NYU, most people say go with your gut feeling! If I get anymore info I'll let you know. Good luck! What are your thoughts on Montclair, Seton Hall, and Kean btw?
  12. Continuing the conversation with you guys since I'm in the same boat! Although I chose not to apply to NYU or TC, I did go see TC and I would suggest you guys go visit if you haven't already. I was accepted to NYMC, Mercy, Seton Hall, Montclair State, Iona, and Yeshiva (still waiting to hear back from Kean & Touro). I'm having a hard time deciding as well, but I'm leaning more toward these: NYMC, Mercy, Seton Hall, and Montclair State. Financially, Montclair State would make the most sense for me. However, I do like the medical focus of NYMC. Mercy and Seton Hall both have study abroad opt
  13. Hi! You have no idea how helpful this information is!! I emailed SHU and they told me that all of their classes and clinical training will be held in the new campus in nutley starting fall 2018 so I'm not sure if that means they'll have a clinic? Even if they don't have a clinic, I'd much rather go to a program where the professors care about you as opposed to trying to weed out the students. I really would love the idea of going abroad within the program which Mercy, Seton Hall, and NYMC offer! If you don't mind, what programs are you considering/interested in?
  14. That's awesome! Congratulations! And don't worry I got rejected to William Paterson too, I heard they like to choose from their own undergraduate students
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