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NYU On-Campus: Online Prerequisites

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Hi guys!

I was accepted to NYU's on-campus program for Fall 2018, and am very seriously considering it. I'm an out-of field applicant, though, and right now I'm missing 4 prerequisites.

I'm wondering -- do any of you know how their online prerequisite system works? Like, what is the structure of those courses? And would I have access to those courses during this summer, prior to starting the on-campus program?

Any information would be much appreciated!


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Hi!  I just saw something about this. If you go to your admissions "next step" email and click on the orientation link there is something somewhere about "program of study" I'll link it but i'm guessing that it will redirect you to log-in. https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/welcome/orientation/csd

I'm not out of field but from what I gathered you still need to take them before starting masters courses and just adds time to the length of the program. It also says that once you start at NYU they won't accept courses taken at other universities so if there's a way to take any of the classes you need before the fall it might be worth it, NYU's got such a steep price tag. 

I'm heading there in the fall too! Very excited :)

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