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  1. Hi! I had the same GPA as you and my scores were only a couple points higher (155 on verbal, 154 on math and 5.5 on writing), along with good letters of rec and a year of work experience and I got into NYU and BU if that helps! I really don't think your scores will hurt you, they're actually pretty good! It also sounds like you have a lot going for you in terms of your whole application so I think you'll be just fine! Most schools have a holistic approach so I doubt they wouldn't look at you just because of your GRE (which isnt bad at all)! Good luck, hope this helped to ease your mind a littl
  2. Hey! I'm not a grad student yet (will be starting this fall!) but I was waitlisted to my number one school so I sent them a letter of interest telling them how/why they were my number one and that I would accept if admitted. I also asked where I was on the waitlist and they told me (not sure if most schools do but I know some do. I ended up getting in good luck with everything!
  3. Hi! Yea so I applied to Purdue for Fall 2018 and got in but denied the acceptance because I got into my #1 school, but I was definitely considering it! I had a 3.7 undergrad GPA (out of field applicant, major in psych) with a GRE of 155 verbal, 154 quant and 5.5 writing. I had two volunteer experiences working in speech clinics and about a year job experience in early intervention. I believe I had a strong personal statement (I went through speech therapy myself) and had 4 letters of rec (2 professors, one SLP I worked with and 1 from my boss). No need to be nervous! Let me know if y
  4. Here's the FB page ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241262189776737/
  5. Thank you!! Nope, I wasn't able to find one ?
  6. Just wanted to let you know that I declined GWU and NYU on Saturday, good luck!
  7. Just got into CU Boulder and committed!! It was my #1 choice and I was waitlisted so I am beyond happy that I got in. Congrats to everyone who has committed and good luck to people who are still waiting!
  8. Hi guys! Just got into the 3-year program at Boulder also and accepted!! Excited to meet you all in the Fall
  9. I got a text a few hours ago and also got in and accepted!!! Yay congrats to you, to both of us! I'll see you in the fall
  10. Has anyone who was waitlisted to cu boulder heard back yet? They said they would text us (weird right) on April 15th or soon after if a spot opens up but I wonder if they’ll let us know if there’s not a spot for us...
  11. So I’m sure this is may be a stupid/silly question and may not matter at all but when a program says the deadline to accept is April 15th is that right before midnight on April 15th their time or would it be by 5pm or by midnight on April 15th wherever you currently are? Thanks in advance!
  12. Congrats!! Trying to decide between Purdue and Penn State right now, so there's a chance we may be going to school together lol
  13. I've declined Eastern Michigan University and the University of Maine. Planning on declining from NYU, GWU, and BU this upcoming weekend (sorry I'm not doing those earlier but I'm sure you guys understand). Good luck to everyone!
  14. Would you mind sharing with me if you applied to Boulder for the 2 or 3 year program? Thanks!
  15. Has anyone made one for Purdue University or Penn State?
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