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  1. As a fellow out-of-field applicant, the post-bac program I did was my application's saving grace. I would highly recommend it if it matches your bigger picture grad school, career, and life goals. If your goal is to get into school now and move along your education and debt doesn't bother you too much, do the 3 year program. If your goal is to reapply to schools and open up more opportunities (either in more desirable locations, from "ranked" programs, or with funding), then do the post-bac. My goals were to pad up my pretty weak CSD resume, get into solid programs, and receive some funding op
  2. Hi!! I'm going to be interviewing at GA State tomorrow, and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience/insight into their interview process. Do they interview all potential applicants? What sorts of questions do they ask? What are some good questions to ask them? If you're a current GSU student, would you recommend the program? How is it different than others? Thanks!
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