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  1. So those ones I want to avoid? Good to know. I'm actually more willing to live in a 'not so great' area but my boyfriend is in law enforcement and is HUGE on safety, so......I was actually looking at some places in Bloomfield and Clifton which are certainly much cheaper, but there's a reason they're cheaper..
  2. Hey! No, I didn't take that rudely at all. That has been my attitude so far as well....just, you do it. No choice. Make it work. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by it, haha. Looks like my supervisor will be the chair of the department so I'm not banking on any down time or something non-rigorous. I'm glad to hear someone who's making it work, though.
  3. Hey, friends. I apologize if this post isn't very substantial in content, but I'm looking for some reassurance/empathy/"I'm in the same boat" sorts of responses. I got into all schools I applied to, and made my choice for the school that is offering me a full GA position for the first year- 20 hours of work per week in exchange for full tuition remission (24 credits between fall and spring), and a tiny stipend. I'm excited and feel incredibly honored and humbled, but I'm also so, so scared. Has anyone else been offered a 20 hr/week GA position, and how do you feel? Has anyone on this boar
  4. Thanks! I read somewhere that classes are in the 'speech building' but I didn't know if this was the same as the clinic.
  5. Does anyone know if Montclair's classes are on campus or at the clinic? I feel like I was told that classes actually occur at the clinic down the street. Can anyone elaborate? Thanks!
  6. Hi friends! I may be beginning a program at Montclair State University in the fall. I'm looking around at one bedroom apartments and Montclair is sooooo expensive. Does anyone have suggestions for nearby towns that may be a bit cheaper, but also safe (Newark is nearby, for example, but not up to my par for safety)? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Update for anyone else reading: I called Financial Aid and the Bursar today. Financial Aid said to speak with the Bursar. Bursar told me the cost will in fact be the $772 per credit, multiplied by 60 credits. Approximately 46k. Financial Aid office apparently gets a lot of complaints that they have tuition listed much lower, since it only accounts for an 18 credit year which is literally not a thing in the SLP program. And yet they haven't updated their page.
  8. Okay, that was my question for Montclair! I pretty much figured that for externship, you're basically just doing that and not even on campus anymore. Still sucks that it extends further than other programs though...
  9. Well why in the heck do they have it written like that? I'm honestly going to call on Monday and say how confusing that is. It's easy to assume there's some special price for the Comm Disorders program, and that it's cheaper. Montclair looks like about $674 per credit at around 62 credits; 42k. So they're very similar. Montclair does seem to have lots of clinic time which looks awesome! And yeah I'm not sure whether it goes into your CFY. One thing I thought of was that if the final summer and fall are JUST externship, even if you're in school a bit longer, you're not taking 4 or 5 super rigor
  10. Wait so...I'm sorry, I'm still confused haha. It's late at night here and I'm a bit sick. On the link provided, under the area for Master's Communication Disorders, it has per year tuition at $10,685 and fees at $3,213. For a total of about $14,000. Which like I said, makes NO sense to me, because it says that's assuming at 18 credit year, which Stockton obviously would not be given that the program is 60 credits. Confusion. And here's the curriculum I'm looking at for Montclair: https://www.montclair.edu/chss/communication-sciences-disorders/programs-study/speech-language-pathology/sampl
  11. Hey, thanks for the reply! You said you were an undergrad there; do you know for sure 46k is the price of the graduate program? I wonder why the Financial Aid website has incorrect information, then. It looks like, other than similar tuition, Montclair certainly is longer. It has TWO summers and a final fall, though it looks like the second summer and final fall are both externship. I don't really know how that works at all, haha!
  12. Right so, each semester would be about 12 credits, and therefore not $5000 per semester. If I actually take the per credit amount listed on the Bursar's website, the price they have for an 18 credit year is basically the same as it is if you multiple the per credit rate by 18. SOOoooo I'm thinking it's probably more like the 46k. I don't know, I'm very confused. Was wondering if anyone has gone to or is attending Stockton and knows what the real tuition is. I suppose I'll call on Monday but honestly a potential 28k for two years sounds incomprehensible.
  13. Hi guys, Can anyone help explain length of program and tuition for two NJ programs?? I know Montclair is normally Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer, and a final Fall. So, a total of really 2.5 years. I'm looking on Stockton's website and it says it takes "two academic years and one summer" to complete. What does this mean? Fall, Spring, Fall Spring, then Summer? I can't see how 60 credits would be completed then. Or is it the same length as Montclair? Basically, I got into both (yay!) and am comparing costs. If you simply add up the credits, they're basically the same.
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