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  1. Thanks for the response. But from what I understand, the ethos for the PhD at Duke GPR is to encourage their candidates to engage with other fields in their study, no? Would not the PhD also be a great place to do interdisciplinary work?
  2. Submitted my application to the Divinity School for the ThD. The PhD is through the Graduate Program in Religion, and it's due on Thursday. I'm planning on submitting the same writing sample, CV, and then just tweaking the SOP to address the GPR rather than the Divinity School. It seems like the Divinity School and the GPR, the ThD and the PhD, all share the same resources. The profs I want to work with are in both departments. Anyone know if the 2 departments expect 2 completely different applications? If anyone with insight on this can help, that would be much appreciated!
  3. Much better. Just also as a tip, if you start running out of time, don't worry about reiterating all of your points in the conclusion. You can instead just say something like, "the three points of weakness demonstrated above should show that...." Best of luck to you!
  4. This was posted a few days ago, so maybe this is too late of a feedback, but I just saw this so I'll give you some feedback anyway. I'll start with the things that are easier to fix in your writing. First, you have to proofread. Little errors here and there are not going to affect your overall mark, but there are way too many grammatical and spelling errors here and this quality will surely negatively affect your score. The errors I point out and my edits are underlined for your reference. Second, the essay is way too short. You need to develop each of your points more with count
  5. @marXian Exactly what I'm hoping for. I don't know how hyperbolic the professor was, but he was one of the several profs in the UK who did their PhD in a TT American program. He was saying candidly that the competition for these TT school admissions is on a different level than the competition for even schools like Oxbridge. He had mentioned that my undergrad GPA may have already made it a possible waste of time and effort to apply, because so many applicants to these TT US programs apply having already won numerous academic awards or national awards, who have had basically perfect aca
  6. Thanks for the responses. The Duke University PhD enrollment and admission statistics actually has last year's PhD students' average GRE scores as 168V/160Q. With those kinds of scores which are already very high, I'm concerned that getting scores below the average will hurt more than scores above average will help. I've heard from some profs at my previous institution that, at these TT schools, the admission committees are basically looking for any reason to cut students out of consideration and narrow down their pool, so I was hoping to make sure everything I submit, insofar as I have contro
  7. So just an update to my previous post: I took the GRE on 11/2 and my scores came out as 170V (99th percentile), 159Q (72nd), 6AWA (99th). The quant is quite low, but I'm hoping that the verbal and writing would help offset that. Neither Duke nor Chicago provide a clear cut off, but I'm wondering if my quant score would put me below whatever the "unstated" cutoff is. Does anyone with experience at these schools know? Would love some feedback.
  8. I did my Masters program in the UK and was accepted to the PhD program there as well, in the school of divinity. From my experience there and the relationships I've built with some faculty members (some of whom were originally from the US), I was able to hear a bit of their insights on the UK system, so I might be able to provide some anecdotal help for you. Are you applying for a Masters or PhD?
  9. @marXian Thanks for the feedback. I am editing this post to remove possibly disclosing too much about myself on a public forum. Anyway, my area of interest lies in an exploration of modern theology (more specifically 19th century European theology) and its potential resources for a modern day theology of religions or principles for inter-religious engagement from a particularly Christian perspective. My dissertation at Edinburgh was on the relationship between a leading Dutch Reformed theologian in the 19th/20th century (Herman Bavinck) and the influence of Hegel to his thought, part
  10. Well, not necessarily. They do have scholarships that cover full tuition. The thing is that, while schools like Duke and Chicago guarantee tuition coverage as a part of their admission conditions, Fuller doesn't. So full funding isn't guaranteed there. Def no stipend.
  11. Hi all, I'm thinking about applying to Duke (both ThD and PhD), Chicago, and Fuller for a PhD in theology (with an emphasis on theological ethics, political theology, modern theology (19th century European)). I would love to hear feedback from some people with experience regarding my chances for acceptance. I have two major concerns about my credentials, but I'll lay out my profile to provide some context. B.A. in Philosophy from Rutgers University. (GPA 2.0) <-- first major point of concern-- I was NOT in a good place at the time, struggling with depression and probably generall
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