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  1. Baylor tends to prefer their own graduates and they do appear a bit more 'buttoned up' for a lack of a better term. I don't think they would not accept you based on that, but I feel like its isn't a super diverse school in terms of lifestyles. That is just an outsiders perspective based on my classmates that came from Baylor who were all incredibly nice. Just kind of all seemed the same lol. At UTD I had classmates that were L&G it didn't phase anyone. I think most teachers didn't know about a few people but would have been respectful and welcoming to any lifestyle. They are there to teach not to push any outside agendas/beliefs :D. Many students were Christian so that would be something you would have in common with other students! Private schools are another bag though, yah never know!
  2. Sorry, just saw this. Yes I took the Cbest (actually I had already taken it). There’s a speech pathologist credential you need to direct hire with schools. Contract companies in schools don’t require it. I think you can waive the GRE with SAT scores if they are recent enough!! Here’s a link to the credential info: https://www.ctc.ca.gov/docs/default-source/leaflets/cl879.pdf They also need a very specific worded letter from your program director so I’d recommend emailing asking what the letter needs to include. Mine had to be rewritten twice!!
  3. Here’s the deal keep trying, IF you are willing to put in the work and retake the GRE. If you don’t plan on retaking the GRE you are sending the message you don’t really want this. That’s how schools interpret the same scores most will intentionally look at the test and see you’ve had plenty of time to retake it in 4 years and have chosen not to. Then they look at the GPA and see a 3.2 below average. (Sorry!!) It is extremely unlikely anyone will look to see that it was due to science classes at this point. If you raise your verbal GRE you are showing effort and they might say well this is weird her GRE is this...wonder why her GPA was so low? The people on here telling you to focus on non gre schools fail to mention that most of those schools require amazing GPAs to compensate. 3.8+ and one school I’m aware of is 3.9 and 4.0s only unless you are from their program. CSU San Marcos will not accept those scores. I was interviewed there and they have a rigorous program that is academically demanding. I worked in admissions at my school so know what the application process looks like. My school was more hands on than the majority of programs and still had some basic #s they looked at before reviewing the entire application. They have hundreds of applications, focus on your verbal GRE bc as others have said if you don’t meet certain #s nobody will be reading your essay or resume or looking at the transcripts. Hoping I don’t get down voted for being honest about the reality of admissions. I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m trying to help you get in!! You are capable of boosting the verbal GRE so focus your energy on that and I hope you get in!! Manhattan GRE prep books are good and their vocabulary flash cards are really helpful. Good luck you CAN do this ? P.S- being waitlisted is a sign to keep going. That means they like the other parts of your application!!
  4. No clue where would be the best state to work, i'm in CA if you have any questions and went to school in Texas... I just wanted to add that although ASHA gives you your certificate of clearance after you graduate and complete your CF, it is your state license and your state license only that allows you to legally practice in the United States. I would check with whatever states you are considering and see whether they have some procedures in place for individuals prepared out of the country. ASHA has zero authority or pull within individual states when it comes to state licensing. I'm sure it would be easy to figure out but you'd probably want to figure out what states you're looking at first. Good luck it sounds like it will be a fun graduate school experience! Could be a super easy process but they'll definitely be some kind of extra step(s).
  5. Email the comd email and ask for the apartment list, it goes over areas to avoid and places other students have lived. There are no Tornados in Dallas I thought the same thing coming from the west coast the weather was pretty mild. There are totally little granny flats idk how to find them but other girls did so they’re there! It’s such a good program suck up the niceness I’m in my CF and miss the warm faculty and professionalism a lot lol. Medical district can be sketchy read online reviews! I recommend the village area it’s in between both locations and feels WAY safer! Or live with a roommate or closer to the turtle creek area. The campus itself is very safe. Have fun there’s lots of fun things to explore! Klyde Warren Park has free yoga classes and events. The program is balanced enough to socialize frequently have fun!!!
  6. UTD hopefuls even if your part of the application was complete when you sent it in, if your Letter of recommendation writers did not have their letters in it isn't considered complete. Also they have like 500+ applicants each cycle and the Department head goes through them by hand. The waiting process sucks but at least they care and look at your whole file! Also once they offer spots to other students they have to wait until that student 100% declines before they can offer that spot to someone else, so i'm sure some slots will open up but the waiting game sucks. Good luck you guys, it is such a good program, I absolutely loved it!
  7. Hi I went there and worked at the school too. It is an error message that is sent to every single applicant who does not have an official transcript on file. They have asked the IT department to change it for years, but bc all other programs there require the official transcripts they haven’t been able to change it for the 1 program that takes unofficial transcripts. The email is not sent from the department it is sent from the university system and has no impact on your application. They have been on break so that’s why you are having trouble hearing back they have at least 3 weeks off between semesters. Dr. Stillman typically personally emails accepted students to offer them admission to the program. The process can take months bc a first round of people are accepted and the program has to wait for their decision before they can offer those spots to the next applicant. They’re most likely in the process of making those first offers. It is an amazing program good luck!!
  8. UTD is amazing and has outstanding medical placements. I did not personally do one but my adult focused friends did 2-3 medical placements. The school is well connected and respected in the area for developing students with strong clinical skills. The classmates are friendly and supportive it’s a large program but there was no impact on my clinical opportunities! They have opportunities in every adult area I can think of. DM me if you have any other questions I loved UTD and think it’s the best program in the area.
  9. Without any details nobody can offer much help. It is time consuming but not difficult to do it on your own. Make a list, there’s an easy one to print on ASHA and call/email 15 schools a day. Cross out any that don’t work.
  10. Just want to throw it out there that depending on your work setting you may not get any hands on literacy work unless you choose to work as a education specialist not an SLP. It of course might be completely different in private practice. But as a school based SLP you’re doing artic, stuttering, aac, voice and language goals. You may support by creating a literacy rich environment in speech but someone else will be working on the actual literacy learning. It could be cool to learn about though!
  11. I’d speak to ASHA now regarding your ability to practice in the United States. Most international programs would not meet American ASHA standards as they are not accredited by ASHA I think there is one school in Puerto Rico that is, but that’s obviously an American territory. If you plan on being an SLP in the US get your degree in the US. There are people with masters degrees that work as SLPAs here bc that’s the only way they qualify. I met a counselor who isn’t allowed to administer tests in the US despite being certified to work in England as a psychologist.
  12. I am biased bc I didn't buy any books in Grad school I borrowed rented or went without. I think it depends on your setting a textbook might be useful in a adult facility such as a SNF or inpatient but i'm in my CFY right now and literally wouldn't have time to look something up in a textbook unless I knew exactly where it was and which kid needed it. So while it can be useful I only think super specific books would be helpful like Eliciting Sounds for articulation or Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I think if you don't know exactly where the reference is you need it probably won't happen very often that you have time to reference a text. That's not to say you aren't looking up EBP but I feel like textbooks generally take a long time to get to the point and in real life things are so much faster paced and the only time you will have to look at them is in your personal time. So just depends if you see yourself taking your work reading home with you!
  13. Can you apply to those programs without first completing a post bacc program? Most schools require prerequisites to consider you a grad school applicant. Half of the schools on your list do for sure. You said you’re passionate about sociology is there a reason you’re choosing to not pursue that instead? If you aren’t open to moving out of state, it could be a waste of money depending on how your gpa is calculated for each school. Not to discourage you but school is temporary and really not a long time at all! I had a few friends not apply out of state and they unfortunately did not get in. SoCal is especially competitive. I’d at least apply out of state if you genuinely want to be an slp. Nothing is forcing you to go but having that option is a great backup!
  14. Just don't call up and ask questions that are something you could find out through different channels. They are very busy so if they take the time to speak with you or email back it should be some relevant information or program specific about becoming involved with X etc. Asking them about their process probably isn't the best question.
  15. Sounds like a crappy program! Sorry that you're in this position. I hope that they change in the future, i've never heard of a program being so dismissive of such a weird situation. I'm really hopeful your next clinic will be a lot more positive. Can you ask every student you know so your next rotation won't be torture? Try getting someone pre-vetted haha.
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