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  1. Hi there!? I actually just recently attended an information session at University of Redlands for the transitional masters program! The school is very expensive, however, as you pointed out, it is something I feel I could deal with considering that I would be done with the program within 2.5- 3 years (If I take out loans of course). Considering that SLP's are in such high demand and the starting salaries are relatively high, I believe that entering the field earlier on will allow me to start building experience, and be able to start paying off my loans quicker. The longer it takes me to finish school, I inevitably am spending more money each year on books, tuition, parking, applications, rent, bills, etc. This is why U of R and Loma Linda were originally my top choices. That being said, after attending the information session at U of R, I was told that the GRE scores are needed to be accepted to the transitional program. Unfortunately I have not taken the GRE and it is now too late of notice for me to schedule the exam and have time to prepare for it before applying. I could have sworn that I read online that the GRE was only needed for the master's program and not the transitional but I guess I was mistaken ? Did you submit GRE scores when you were admitted to the transitional program? What was your GPA if you don't mind me asking? I still plan on applying to Loma Linda University in October. GRE is not needed and I will have great LOR's and plan on proving my strengths in the personal essay which will hopefully make me stand out. It took me 8 years to finally go back to school and complete my associate's degree after having a lot of family issue's and only took me a year to finish my Bachelor's degree once I was accepted. I really want to get into a transitional program so I am able to just focus on completing my degree and really mastering the material without constantly being distracted with having to apply to new schools and stressing over if I am taking the right prereqs for other master's programs.
  2. I have looked into some post bacc programs however I worry that I will not be offered certain courses needed to apply to a Master's program. I know that a lot of Master's programs accept different prereqs, so I would like to find a post bacc program which ensures I will complete the necessary courses for a decent amount of graduate programs. Were you able to apply to a lot of graduate programs after completing the post bacc at Pacific University? Thanks for the reply! Which online post bacc program are you attending? And do you know which graduate programs you will be able to apply to considering the prereqs that you will have completed at your school? Hi! :) I'd love to get into cal state fullerton especially considering that the price would be relatively manageable. I will be applying to their "pathway to M.A" certificate program in october this year. If I am accepted I will be taking a year of prereqs for the master's program and then will apply to the M.A program after I finish all the courses. Did you complete your bachelor's in another field or was it also in comm disorders?
  3. Hi! I am currently finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and will be applying for grad school in the next few months. I am also applying to grad programs in California. Did you get into any schools??
  4. Hi ? This is my first time posting on here. I have gotten a lot of useful information from here in the past so I figured I would give it a shot! I am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and will be graduating in December of this year. I had a lot of family issues when I was completing my Associate's degree at my community college, and this severely affected my GPA. It was far too low to apply to a Bachelor's program in Speech Pathology to start off. I decided to major in Sociology for my Bachelor's because it is a field that I am very passionate about and was easier to get into because I was part of the CAP program at my community college. I have gotten an A in every single course I have taken for my undergrad, besides 1 B, and have been able to raise my GPA tremendously. However, considering how competitive the very few programs are in California, I worry that I have slim chances in being accepted into grad school. My cummulative GPA is only a 3.1, and this will be the highest it can go, as I have calculated. My GPA at my cal-state University is a 3.9 and I am hoping that this will help me somewhat when being considered for grad schools. I'd like to stay in California and this is very important for me because I basically only have my sister for family and my 2 nephews who mean the world to me. That being said, I plan on applying to Master's programs for SLP at Cal state Fullerton, University of Redlands, Loma Linda, Cal state Long-Beach, and Cal baptist. Because my Bachelor's degree is in Sociology and not Speech Pathology, I understand that it will take me longer than others to complete my Master's degree. I want to weigh my options in getting into programs in California and also see which programs I will have a chance in getting accepted to, and also enjoy in the sense of being able to be satisfactorily prepared for the career. Do any of you have an undergrad degree in a different field and are currently in grad school for SLP or are soon applying? Any information/guidance would be greatly appreciated! As of now, Redlands University sounds appealing due to what I have heard about there faculty/program and also considering that the program would only take me about 2 1/2 years as opposed to at least 3. Loma Linda University is another school that I am very interested in because I have heard great things about the program and also their medical facility. The only issue is how expensive these 2 programs will cost. I am a waitress and live on my own so I will have to take out loans to pay for school, and I get worried thinking about being in so much debt. Sorry for the long post! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ?
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