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  1. Hello:) I was accepted to both of these programs so I have some insight into this. You need at least 8 for CSUF if you don’t have the rest you will take them during your grad program. For example, I went to Csulb for my undergrad and they did not offer fluency so I’m taking that now along with my other grad level classes. Also Csulb has so many undergrad classes not offered at other universities they understand that. If you go there and don’t have acc or something they will make you take it as a part of grad school. Just check off on the applications all that you have taken. If they really wan
  2. I have my bachelors in COMD but I know a lot of people who did their post bacc at CSUF. It’s a really good program and good luck I hope you get into the post bacc program I would say probably 50% of the people in my program have post baccs from CSUF and Chapman.
  3. Cal State Fullerton does not look at the GRE just GPA, experience, and letters
  4. I got my BA from CSULB in Speech-Language Pathology at CSULB. A lot of people in my cohort got their post-bacc from csuf and they dont have to do any prereqs. I know the people who went to Chapman for their postbacc on the other hand, have to make up several prereqs which is making them have to take 6 classes in one semester when the people who have all of the prereqs only take 3 graduate courses a semester. Same for the second bachelors degree at Utah State, many preqs you have to complete before you can take the graduate level courses if you go to CSUF. It all depends, I have to take 1 prere
  5. Hello :) I have some insight into the process of applying to graduate school in California. I am attending CSUF this fall and was also accepted into CSULB. Did not get into Redlands but my best friend applied to Loma Linda and did not make it past the interview. Anyhow, I would suggest attending a CSU because of the opportunity for you to get the Cal Grant. It covers most of the tuition (about 3,000) a semester and you will get it if you got financial aid in your undergrad. Redlands is very expensive in my opinion. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Do not forget that GRE is not everything. I did TERRIBLE both times that I took the GRE and I was still accepted to 4/8 schools. I would say to make sure you research how important the GRE is to certain schools. Some schools care more about how the student has performed holistically (i.e. Pacific University in Oregon). Other schools weight the GRE heavily and will probably deny you even if your GPA and extracurriculars are awesome. I got a 147 V, 137 Q, and 3.5 Writing on my first attempt. 2nd was worse on the math and writing. Still got into 2 California State universities and 2 private unive
  7. I see it as the cohort is full. They are not taking in anymore students. You should ask if there is a back up list in case someone in the cohort decides to drop from the program before it starts.
  8. I worked as an early intervention assistant at a non-profit therapy clinic where I helped slps, ots, teachers, and pts during play-based group therapy for children between the ages of 1.5-3. I was accepted into 4 slp grad schools one of my coworkers got into 2 with one of them being UW.
  9. I was accepted to Pacific University before the deadline. I was just accepted to CSU Fullerton, so I will be informing Pacific that I will not be attending today. Hopefully this helps out someone on the waiting list
  10. I was accepted to Pacific University before the deadline. I was just accepted to CSU Fullerton, so I will be informing Pacific that I will not be attending today. Hopefully this helps out someone on the waiting list
  11. I am planning on declining if I get off the waitlist myself for 2 California schools or if I get in CSU Fresno before the 15th
  12. Waitlisted at CSUEB :/ At least I still have hope and was not rejected. I called Fullerton and they told me decisions would be sent out all the way through the end of the month. CSU Fresno is my last hope to stay in California. This waiting game is too much
  13. I called CSUF today and they told me not all acceptances have been offered. I went to the open house but haven't heard since :/
  14. Still waiting on CSU East Bay (interviewed last week) CSU Fullerton (top 70 candidate/invited to open house), and CSU Fresno. Waitlisted at Chapman and accepted at Pacific University. Really hoping for CSU Fullerton but this wait and seeing acceptances already makes me feel so nervous
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