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  1. I still have not received an email from Diana explaining the details of the funding. I fell in love with the school and faculty but the cost is what worries me. Im definitely considering attending this school but I haven't heard back yet from the other universities I applied to yet >.<
  2. I just received an invitation to RSVP for the CSUF open house next week. I wondering if anyone who is familiar with CSUF and their graduate admissions process knows if this invite to attend the the open house is a good sign I might be accepted or considered? I am trying not to think about it too much, but this is my top choice and all I can think about now.
  3. I received a call yesterday too! I did not have my phone on me but I saw a had a missed call from Oregon so I called back and I was told the amazing news! They are offering me a scholarship too, it definitely does not feel real. After being rejected from 2 other schools and waiting on 5, I am SO happy
  4. Yeah my friend went to the interview and said about 90% of applicants were out of state. It is usually the other way around with the majority being students from CSULB. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  5. I called Chapman yesterday and they said they are still reviewing 75-80 applicants. They take applications that start with the beginning of the alphabet and look at the ones at the end of the alphabet. My last name is in the middle so they haven’t looked at it yet (kinda weird I know). Also if you haven’t heard from CSULB it’s not good news they already chose all the people they are giving interviews to.
  6. Which programs are you applying to? California State University-Long Beach, California State University-Fullerton, California State University-Los Angeles, California State University-East Bay, California State University-Fresno, Chapman University, University of Redlands, and Pacific University (Oregon). Where are you from? Los Angeles What are your biggest concerns about applications? I have a lot of experience. I am an early intervention assistant for a non-profit therapy clinic. As a member of an interdisciplinary team, I assist SLPs, OTs, PTs, and teachers during group therapy
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