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  1. I agree with @bibliophile222, review some basic basic things if you feel the need to. Personally, I’d recommend that you really enjoy your summer. Hang out with family and friends. Go on a cruise, take a vacation somewhere, something that you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t had the chance. Once grad school starts all of that time to do things for yourself kind of goes out the window. My biggest regret was not taking advantage of my summer before my first semester. Your classes should review things that you learned in your post-bacc or undergrad, and go into those subjects more in
  2. I agree. Getting on the waitlist was probably the most anxiety inducing. And I understand everything you said about staying on this forum. I was on it all the time because it gave me hope and comfort to see others who were in the same predicament or experiencing the same things as me. That's awesome! The gym will definitely help keep your mind occupied! Can't wait to hear back from you!
  3. This time of year was honestly the worst part about the whole application process, so again, go and treat yourself to a spa day or something! And you're welcome. I was on this forum ALL the time, so I feel compelled to share my experience with the hopes that it may help others. In all honesty though, being on the forums all the time made me feel so much worse. That might be something to consider if seeing all the posts amps up your anxiety. Wishing you all the best!
  4. First year grad student here! I was taken off the waiting list for the school that I'm currently attending. And actually, it was the only school I got into. I was rejected from everywhere else. So I TOTALLY understand what you're feeling. They talked a lot about "imposter syndrome" my first semester. If you aren't familiar, look it up! I felt like I wasn't good enough either, and it always feels like you're the only one that feels that way, but I guarantee you're not! As you start your program (CONGRATULATIONS!), keep this in mind as the "waitlist" mentality stuck with me. Most professors
  5. First year grad student, and I got off the waiting list for the school that I'm attending right now! In fact, three other students in my cohort were from the waitlist as well. I know it seems dark, I myself was rejected from every school I applied to and waitlisted at one, and thankfully was taken off the waiting list. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This time of year was definitely the hardest for me, so make sure you're doing a lot of self care! That helped me a lot! Good luck!!
  6. Haven’t heard anything yet either. :/
  7. I called CSU Fresno about a week and a half ago and was told we wouldn’t get results till mid April. Makes sense considering their deadline was March 1. They also don’t do interviews.
  8. Thank you all for all your positive thoughts and well wishes. I’ll be crossing my fingers, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I heard CSULA only took 2 off the waiting list the past few years, but that definitely could mean they were going pretty far down the list. @SLPsingballs what are your thoughts on an online program? I usually prefer to be in the class rather than online as I feel that I learn better that way. But of course I’m always open to trying it out.
  9. Thank you so much! I needed to hear something positive. It’s been nothing but bad news the past few weeks I’m trying to be hopeful, obviously. But for the past few years they’ve only taken 1-2 people off the waiting list, and I’m not sure how far down the rankings they’ve gotten.
  10. Got waitlisted at CSULA. I’m ranked number 5 on the waiting list, but again, given how competitive California schools are I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve kind of accepted that I won’t be accepted into CSULA’s program. I didn’t get an invite for open house for Fullerton either, although I’m really hoping that that’s not an indication of acceptance or rejection. Does anyone else know about this? So my last hope is CSU Fresno. I just need ONE program. Do do any of you know of any CSUs or other colleges that have spring cohorts and that I’d have a good chance of getting i
  11. Currently In the same boat, except the school I got waitlisted from ranked the number I am on the waitlist. I’m not sure how many were waitlisted, but I was ranked as number 5 on the waiting list. Should I still feel hopeful of getting in? I’m feeling really doubtful at the moment, even though #5 is pretty high up there.
  12. I know how you feel. Applied to six schools, all in CA, rejected by one already. Interviewed with another, and the other 4 I have yet to hear from. 2 I can assume I won’t be getting in because I never got emailed about an interview, and now I’m just waiting on the other 2. I just wish they’d at least send me an email saying I’ve been rejected already instead of this waiting game. I should be hearing back from the one school I interviewed with by the end of the week, so I’m very anxious about that. They only take 20 and interviewed about 70. I did have a dream that I got
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