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  1. hiimkhanh

    What a dilemma!

    A waitlist isn’t a guarantee of acceptance. Treat it as such.
  2. hiimkhanh

    Will getting 1 C ruin my chances for grad school?

    You need to aim for more As in your COMD classes. Just imagine that these next classes determine the rest of your life. You’ve already gotten some Bs, so I’d really suggest you find a method of studying that results in more As (and not rely on the professor rounding grades) You won’t be fairing well if you have a C in your COMD classes. (Because Cs are considered failing/need to retake in grad school)
  3. hiimkhanh

    How did you pick

    They accepted me. 🤪
  4. hiimkhanh

    Loma Linda schedule?

    This seems like a question to ask LLU directly.
  5. hiimkhanh

    CSD GPA question

    Yes. My cumulative gpa was a 3.25 (I don’t think it’s high compared to other slp applicants.) I honestly believe that my 3.90 COMD gpa (from a second bachelors) allowed me to be interviewed at every SoCal school that I applied to.
  6. Congrats! I'll be attending too! I'll be putting down my deposit soon. I wonder if there's a group yet?
  7. hiimkhanh

    living alone in grad school?

    You know yourself and your study habits. Personally, I’m the kind of person who likes to study at home with no distractions. To me, a roommate is a potential distraction and is not worth the money saved from splitting costs. Unless your roommate is a friend. I would say live alone. After classes you’ll just want to go straight home and potentially not want to see anyone else. (At least for me.) (And I’ve heard plenty of roommate horror stories.)
  8. hiimkhanh

    Preparing for the worst

    UoP admission costs are in-line for a private university aren’t they? 80kish tuition for two years?
  9. I never received an email!! -worries-
  10. hiimkhanh

    When to give up? SLP Grad School

    Have you had interviews?
  11. hiimkhanh


    I’ll be attending graduate school in Southern California for FA2019. I’m not quite sure where yet though.
  12. hiimkhanh


    It's really easy. Nothing compared to the GRE. I took mine years ago, and if you're a native english speaker, you should be able to do it in one try, without studying for it.
  13. hiimkhanh

    Got into grad school now....

    I'm going to start reviewing my COMD classes until when I start haha
  14. hiimkhanh

    Chapman University

    It's odd that they're saying that they're still reviewing files. (No more interviews are being scheduled.) The cohort is practically full with deposited students.
  15. hiimkhanh

    Chapman University

    Accepted, feels good.

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