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  1. They did not offer me anything other than loans. What was your experience like in terms of funding? I did talk to the department and Dr. Johnson and she was able to tell me some items but I would like to hear more about other student's perspectives. If i choose to attend UIUC I am thinking of applying to McKinley for an assistantship, are SHS student typically preferred over other students in other disciplines? What do you recommend I do or what tips would you give for funding? Thank you!
  2. Thanks for sharing @Rezzy S. ! It makes me very happy to hear that you have a very supportive partner. It alleviates much of the stress and makes it that much more attainable to reach both of your goals. Best of luck to you as well! ❣️
  3. @aaaslp It really is tough and it makes me question my every move. I love my undergrad experience and I love the town that has such a great community aspect to it. It is something I truly value. I think what makes me question whether it is a good choice is that I do not want convenience and cost to be the major contributing factors though they are huge aspects I am keeping in mind. Thank you for your time and advice, I am keeping it in mind. I am also meeting with a current grad student here so that I have a more representative picture of the program this may be a major deciding factor of whet
  4. Hi @lasmith thank you so much for sharing this! I think being so far apart would be something very difficult for both of us, however, my partner is very supportive of me and I am very lucky in that sense. Taking everything into account including your and your friend's advice I think I am leaning to attending UIUC. I am hesitant, but you are right I need to do what will encourage my own growth and maybe in the process, this will make our relationship blossom even more. I thank you very much for your advice and I wish you the best as well. I am sure you will thrive and succeed wherever you dec
  5. So I was admitted to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and that was my only admission so my decision was made for me based on circumstances; however, from the 3 schools, I was waitlisted for I have been admitted to my undergrad institution. I just heard back yesterday and I have a tough choice to make in such little time with the deadline coming up. Coming From Undergrad at California State University, Chico but I am originally from Southern California. Deciding between... CSU, Chico (undergrad institution) and UIUC Factors I am keeping in mind I wo
  6. So I am freaking out because I am REALLY interested in UoP; however, I was offered a spot on the waitlist. When I went to their open house this past Friday they said they had 60+ admitted students (7 of which had already accepted their offer) and that they had 100+ waitlisted but are unranked. I am also interested in hearing from current undergrad or even grad students on their experiences here. Thank you!!
  7. My stats are on my signature if you'd like to check them out
  8. My stats are on my signature if you'd like to check them out
  9. That is most likely the case. Thank you @Rezzy S. :)
  10. I was not invited to CSUF's open house, I am sure this puts me at a disadvantage, but does this mean I still have a chance at getting admitted? Does anyone know when they will send our decisions?
  11. Hello! My cumulative GPA is a 3.3, I started the program my junior year with a 2.7 and did well in the CSD courses. The reason my GPA was so low was because I started off as a Biology major and took classes that I needed for the major, I eventually came across SLP and my GPA was a MESS, I made sure to address that in my statement. In my signature below you can see my stats and they are quite low compared to other CSD applicants as well. From experience, I will not sugarcoat and say that it is easy because it is definitely difficult and it will put you at a disadvantage than everyone else. Howe
  12. I have not received a single email or communication from Howard, has anyone? I also haven't seen anyone post about interviews, rejections, waitlist, admittance or otherwise. Any news?
  13. Oh wow, we still have quite a bit to wait, best of luck to you and everyone!
  14. Hey there! I applied to the following programs: The University of the Pacific (waitlisted) CSU, Chico (interviewed, supposed to hear back this Friday) Howard University (have not heard anything) The University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana (admitted) CSU, Fullerton (have not heard anything) The University of Minnesota (denied) California Baptist University (interviewed) University of Redlands Where else did you apply @Rezzy S. ?😊
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