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  1. Midwestern University- Glendale will invite admitted students into their facebook group. It may take a while because it is run by current grad students.
  2. Just recieved my rejection email. It's all good because I've already accepted my top school!
  3. I applied to 7 programs. Two in California where I live, and 5 out of state. I have a decent GPA and not so great GRE scores.
  4. Hey! I was wondering if there was a Facebook group? If not, should I make one? I am so excited to meet everyone and begin this crazy adventure!
  5. I got a call from Midwestern University-Glendale saying I got accepted!!!!
  6. @futurespeechpath1 Can you expand on Midwestern's Interview a bit? I have my interview scheduled on Valentines day and I am going crazy. Congratulations on your acceptances!!!
  7. Hey, we applied to 3 of the same schools. Good luck on your interviews! I hope I hear from Pacific University soon. I have a good friend going there now and she is having a great time.
  8. Nevermind, they were sorting out applicants for Spring and Fall.
  9. So, I just recieved an email from LIU Brooklyn Welcoming me on board and asking if I would like to be matriculated into Spring 2020 or Fall 2020. It was not an official acceptance. I am not sure if I am accepted or not!! Am I the only one recieving this email?
  10. I applied! My mother is a principal, and her school's SLP just graduated from MGH IHP. She has told me so many amazing things about this program. I am very excited. She informed me that the school is searching for highly Diverse individuals. I am hoping that my experience and highly diverse background helps me out! Anyway, Good luck everyone!
  11. So having a huge class of 60 does not make a huge impact on how teachers interact with their students? That sounds incredible! I am so excited to work with clients. I work as a BI and I am definitely a more hands on person. WOW, that is such a great experience. Watching your client progress right from the start!
  12. Thank you so much for your help! I will definitely call tomorrow. My mother is a principal at an elementary school and her SLP graduated from MGH IHP last year and she has helped me so much. How are you enjoying the program so far? How are the professors?
  13. So, I am a second time applicant. When I began my applications last year, I chose to recycle my previous information because nothing much had changed. I was under the assumption that my GRE scores would be visible to every school I applied to. My transcripts are, so I figured the gre scores would be the same. When I submitted all 7 of my applications I was snooping around the CSDCAS website. I came across the GRE section stating, GRE scores must be sent to CSDCAS using all schools code in order for them to be seen. MY HEART BEGAN TO RACE!!! I submitted all of my applications January 1st, and my MGH application was due that same day. My GRE scores were verified on CSDCAS January 3rd. I sent an email to admissions hoping that they can look past my humiliating oversight. MGH is an amazing program and has a huge focus on DIVERSE students. Being a Hard of Hearing Mexican Jew who speaks 3 languages I feel like I am meant for this program. Does anyone know if this will ruin my chances of getting accepted? Has this happened to anyone else? UGH!
  14. I should hear from them tomorrow! I'm crossing my fingers thanks guys! I'm not sure if it's full reimbursement, but I'll accept anything!
  15. Yesterday, I interviewd for an ABA company, Verbal Behavior Associates, that emphasizes in behavior and Language Development. They have many SLP's in their company and are looking to hire more. Due to my education in Speech-Language Pathology, they informed me that they would actually help fund my tuition for a Master's program in my field. This was definitely shocking and amazing to learn. There are some twists into the agreement as in: I'd have to do online school because I need to work minimum 30 hours a week my first year of grad school, and my second year is a bit more flexible because of practicum hours.
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