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  1. Emehteg1

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    My friend might decline her spot if she gets into UofRedlands. It should be any day now.
  2. Emehteg1

    University of Redlands decisions???

    This wait is killer!! I hope we find out this week.
  3. Yes, they do want to know how you identify. No, they do not look down upon atheist/agnostic applicants. When I interviewed for CBU, I disclosed that I consider myself Jewish. I also made a little joke that I am a Mexican Jew (rare, I know) and they laughed and thought it was amazing that I applied. I got waitlisted, but it had nothing to do with my "religion". Biola was a different story. There was a section on their application that I did not agree with. It was something along the lines of me believing Jesus is G-d (I dont remember); although I dont practice Judaism I have my beliefs. When I called regarding this portion of the application, I recieved a voicemail from a man stating that I would have to agree to the statement because the school does. This gave me a bad feeling and was not comfortable with this University. Now, that was my experience with this school not necessarily everyone's.
  4. Emehteg1

    SoCal Applicants!

    I'm not sure how I'm ranked. I have many questions about how/who to email asking them where I'm at on the waitlist.
  5. Emehteg1

    SoCal Applicants!

    No for Redlands. Any day now. Redlands has become my top school now that I've been waitlisted at CBU
  6. Emehteg1

    University of Redlands decisions???

    I have the same concern, but they accept 100 applicants and most decline their offer. So, they end up accepting people from their waitlist. There is a higher chance for acceptance here! I'm wishing everyone luck!
  7. Emehteg1

    University of Redlands decisions???

    We wont hear from them until late March. I've searched back years on GradCafe and most decisions have been made by the end of March. I think in 2017 applicants recieved an email March 28th (most of them were waitlisted and eventually accepted ). Also, they sent an email informing us that we wont hear until late March. This school has become my top school and I'm anxious to learn their decisions!!
  8. Emehteg1

    Cal Baptist (CBU) 2019

    Congrats guys! I didnt recieved a call. I'm hoping i'll be waitlisted.
  9. Emehteg1

    SoCal Applicants!

    Redlands sent an email a while ago stating decisions will be sent Mid/Late March. Also, going back on previous posts about Redlands, it seems like late March we should be hearing back.
  10. Congratulations!!! I'm glad you recieved amazing news! Which program?
  11. My interviewer told me that we should hear back in 2-3 weeks for their decision. They have their last interviews this Friday. I'm hoping they notify us next Monday to end our suffering haha
  12. Honestly, I feel like my interview portion went amazing. I am iffy about my essay. I can not write an essay in 30 minutes. I did my best and I hope my interview highlighted my passion for this field. How do you feel about your interview?
  13. 3 of my programs haven't released admissions decisions and I am suffering/anxiously excited. I wont know until late March/ April. I just had my interview for CBU this past weekend. I am also waiting for Redlands and Fullerton. I was rejected from where I recieved my degree though, so that was great but I'm being optimistic.
  14. Emehteg1

    CSUSM interviews

    Yeah, I heard from a friend who went to csusm for her B.S. that it was insane. There was so much information thrown at you guys and there was no time to breathe. You're not alone! Also, you'll probably know their decisions by Monday! They give calls following an email.

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