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  1. I should hear from them tomorrow! I'm crossing my fingers thanks guys! I'm not sure if it's full reimbursement, but I'll accept anything!
  2. Yesterday, I interviewd for an ABA company, Verbal Behavior Associates, that emphasizes in behavior and Language Development. They have many SLP's in their company and are looking to hire more. Due to my education in Speech-Language Pathology, they informed me that they would actually help fund my tuition for a Master's program in my field. This was definitely shocking and amazing to learn. There are some twists into the agreement as in: I'd have to do online school because I need to work minimum 30 hours a week my first year of grad school, and my second year is a bit more flexible because of practicum hours.
  3. Ziprecruiter is how I found my job now as an RBT. This website and phone app updates you on real positions. It's also customizable to your resume!
  4. Really? That is so strange... Congratulations and the acceptance though!
  5. Does anyone know if I can collect observation hours without being enrolled into a school?
  6. Wow! That's great, thanks for letting me know. @Rezzy S.
  7. Thanks for the insight! Good luck on the other programs.
  8. Does anyone have any clue on how many people are admitted from CBU's waitlist? Today, I emailed CBU's graduate admissions counselor informing her that I am still highly interested in in the program. I also added my recent additions to my resume (30+ observation hours and transcribing for doctoral candidates). I did not ask where I am ranked on the waitlist because my mom thought it was unprofessional. I saw that someone recieved an admissions call today, and it had me hopeful/sad. Congrats to them though
  9. I just asked because someone on the results page said they were told on their email. Is Redlands one of your top schools? I hope it goes well for you
  10. What time did they email you? I'm hating this wait. Are you high on the waitlist?
  11. Someone has posted on the results that they were high on the waitlist. Results are coming out guys!!!! good luck I have been constantly refreshing my email.
  12. My friend might decline her spot if she gets into UofRedlands. It should be any day now.
  13. This wait is killer!! I hope we find out this week.
  14. Yes, they do want to know how you identify. No, they do not look down upon atheist/agnostic applicants. When I interviewed for CBU, I disclosed that I consider myself Jewish. I also made a little joke that I am a Mexican Jew (rare, I know) and they laughed and thought it was amazing that I applied. I got waitlisted, but it had nothing to do with my "religion". Biola was a different story. There was a section on their application that I did not agree with. It was something along the lines of me believing Jesus is G-d (I dont remember); although I dont practice Judaism I have my beliefs. When I called regarding this portion of the application, I recieved a voicemail from a man stating that I would have to agree to the statement because the school does. This gave me a bad feeling and was not comfortable with this University. Now, that was my experience with this school not necessarily everyone's.
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