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  1. lasmith


    I still haven't heard anything. I am assumed I got rejected. (but during this process I realized I really did not want go here. I applied because it was near to my parents. So I am not too upset about it.) Good luck and congrats to everyone else!!
  2. lasmith

    CSU, Sacramento

    Hi All, I looked and it seems Sac State send out their decisions late March/ early April. So I am not expecting anyone to have heard back from them yet. But, in my exploration of decisions, I read that people did not like the climate of the program. I was curious if anyone could speak on their program at all? Do you like it? Do you not? Why or why not? Thanks in advance!
  3. I do not know specifics about the CDS/ Speech Path program at CBU, but I have had friends who attended their as an undergraduate and I know it is skewed across the board. I have been told that the baptist is like their middle name, and you do not go by your middle name. So not everyone there is christian and some people are super religious. (Not sure that helps, but that is my insight.) Good Luck to all.
  4. Admissions committees generally look at your overall CSD GPA. Some also look at your last 60 unit/ 90 units depending if you are quarter or semester system. They don't just look at your overall GPA. They try to look at you as a whole. I hope this helps.
  5. Just to clarify, I don't think that all CSU's only take their own students. I think that the admissions committees are smart and strategic with their decisions. I think that not just California schools are likely to take their kids first. I think any admissions committee with good rapport with a strong candidate is likely to get in. I think that is a huge reason why I got into my undergrad institution. (However, there is one CSU I would say otherwise and could pick a bone with. When I asked the director why I didn't get an interview, her response was very brief and inconsiderate. Although, I'll give her benefit of the doubt that she was probably busy with everything else going on. But I saw several applicants with 4.0 and 160/155 gre averages getting rejected here after being interviewed and saying they thought that their interviews went well. And I saw people with much lower stats post about getting in. Seems fishy to me but these are all my own personal thoughts and opinions and I could be completely wrong.)
  6. You're welcome. I know a lot of California people want to stay in California and it can be cheaper that way. I'm from Northern California, went to UNR because it was not impacted and wouldn't be paying out of state tuition due to the WUE. At this point in time, I probably won't be going to a California. I only applied to places on the west coast and can tell you, its been competitive and eye opening. There is great programs out here, you just have to look into it. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors through grad school.
  7. lasmith

    Loma Linda acceptance letters

    I finally got an email saying I was on the alternate list a couple of days back. I believe they send out rejections by snail mail. I heard some emailed Diane and she told them that they had been rejected and would be receiving a letter in the mail in a week or so. You could try contacting Diane, but I believe they have reviewed everyones applications already.
  8. lasmith

    U of Oregon

    That's fantastic!! Congrats!!
  9. lasmith


    I sure hope so.
  10. lasmith

    U of Oregon

    I got waitlisted! (Super happy due to my low GRE scores.) What decision did you receive?
  11. lasmith


    I'm also in waitlist purgatory. I got in to my undergraduate institute but have been waitlisted more competitive places. I love my undergrad but I'm not sure I want to go there. I also do not want to burn any bridges with them because the faculty is great.
  12. I know from experience that California schools like taking their kids first. On top of that they are more competitive because of the high amount of applicants. As said before there is less programs on the west coast than the east coast. It also can be very expensive to move to the west coast. I know Nevada just got two programs this year and in the past years has only been pushing out 25 more or less students a year. Also SDSU got 500 applicants this past application season. My best advice is if you have the ability to apply all of the country, do that. See where you get in and go from there. My friend did this and she's been very happy with the results. Also I don't want to discourage you from applying to west coast places, I just want you to be realistic. I got rejected from a CSU because I wasn't one of their undergraduates. I have seen people over qualified applicants get rejected there too. Just make educated decisions and do research for yourself.
  13. lasmith

    U of Oregon

    Looks like people are getting decisions on the results page. Have any of you heard anything?
  14. lasmith


    I haven't heard anything so I doubt there is any good news waiting for me.
  15. lasmith

    ASU Waitlist

    @taelinmarie17 Thank you for your insight. I guess I will continue to cross my fingers but I still have to hear back from 3 programs. I just really like ASU and their program. Good luck to you!

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