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  1. I applied to Loma Linda last year and got wait listed. I had a 3.79 GPA. If you have questions on their interview process, I went through and can answer some questions.
  2. Just got off the waitlist at ASU and accepted it. Will be rescind my offer to University of Nevada, Reno and will be declining my waitlist spots at University of Oregon and Loma Linda. I hope this helps someone else on a waitlist. And it's proof you can get off a waitlist!
  3. I just got accepted off their waitlist and I'm curious if they have a Facebook page. Im also probably looking for roommates. If anyone else is, please reach out!!
  4. I am on their alternate list. I have not been accepted off, nor have I seen anyone post about getting accepted off the waitlist. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!
  5. I am in a similar situation would love to hear people's advice. The advice I have been given is you rescind your offer and lose your deposit.
  6. Hi, I am in a similar situation. My boyfriend and I are in a long-term relationship, 3 years in June. He followed me up to Nevada and I got into UNR, my undergrad institution. He's made it clear that he would not move with me to grad school, which frustrates me greatly. But he is also trying to save up money and hopefully get a degree. I am apart of a sorority on campus and have a close relationship with our LDC. She is employed by our sorority to helps us as we are newer on campus. She is in a relationship and because she lives in Reno and is from the east coast, it is currently long distance. She said moving away from her family and boyfriend has caused major growth. Explained to me if you are in a strong relationship, moving away for a set period of time, is not that bad. I know it's a hard decision to make, but it's not the worst thing and should not take priority in making a choice. You should choose what's best for you and for your career. In the long run it's your future and your career. And maybe it's best to stay close to him and where you are. I hope this helps and it's just my personal view on it, coming from a similar situation. (Also I may have a different view because I am a young one. I am only 21 and still have alot of life to live.) My other piece of advice is talk to your friends, sometimes they can help you see more clearly. They can help you make an educated pro's con's list and help you look at it from different perspectives. I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck in making a decision, I know its hard. Keep us updated on what you chose.
  7. Thanks, that's helpful to know. If I get in, I will do it I will do quickly. Can you tell me more about your experience?
  8. I feel the exact same way. The field is so small, I will probably see them again. And I want to enjoy seeing them again and not feel like I burned a bridge. There the reason I am where I am. But I agree with you, I overthink it so much. I'm glad I'm not alone and have a place to vent it out.
  9. I feel like if you talked to them about it they would be understanding. Or at least that's what I keep getting told. I've also been told to go sit in our clinical directors office and talk with her. She's really cool and understanding. They ultimately want what's best for you. One hard thing for me is that there is a mandatory orientation on the day I'm suppose to be a bridesmaid and potentially make a cake for one of my best friends and I would be devastated to miss her wedding. But I also got told by my advisor that other places may have mandatory orientations as well. (Sorry I feel like I'm venting about my situation now. And I do not want to take away from you.) You could also try making a pro and cons list for both schools to help you make a better decision. But I wish you the best of luck and if you do rescind your offer I would love to hear how it goes.
  10. I am in a very similar situation, as well. I have only been accepted at my undergraduate institution. But I have been waitlisted at my top two choices. But one has made it clear I won't hear back until after April 15th and the other doesn't have a timeline, but let's be real it will most likely be after April 15th. My friends, from my undergrad institution, and family have made it clear that it is okay to rescind your acceptance of an offer for a better offer. I really do not want to do something like that though because it feels like I am burning bridges. My friends keep telling me that it will be fine and they will understand. But I am also trying to convince myself to stay here, even though its not ideally what I want to do. Sorry it is not a straight answer, but I understand what you are going through.
  11. You shouldn't feel inadequate at all. Usually there is more qualified applicants than there is space in a cohort. Being waitlisted means that they saw potential in you but there may have been people with higher stats. Also, you never know exactly what a admissions team is looking for. But my point is if they did not want you there, you would have gotten rejected. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  12. I got rejected from my "safety" schools. I think that is because, one, they were in California. Even though ASHA ed Find said they had lower GPA's, they had lower scores because they only take their own students, not because they are easier to get into. So, it was more of an allusion and not the truth. I think if you try places that aren't the west coast you may be able to find safety type schools. But I think they're all competitive and it's just an allusion.
  13. Most Grad schools have a GPA requirement you must keep to stay in. Usually you must maintain a B average or 3.0 to stay in. Although, most of the faculty will help and support you to make sure you're not getting "kicked out". Getting asked to leave is usually a last resort and any times I have heard of it happening it was because the grad student really was not loving it and did not want to be there anymore.
  14. Darn it, I did not apply to any online schools. That's my fault. I would look to what other people are saying then. Best of luck!!
  15. A great place to find out more information on programs is ASHA ed find. They tell you what programs require, for example GRE scores. https://www.asha.org/edfind/ Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!!
  16. Hi! I would contact the department directly. They may have missed you. Phone: (408)924-3688 (This is where I found the number http://www.sjsu.edu/cds/ ) I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!
  17. "The Master of Science (MS) in communication disorders degree program at ASU is based on a research-to-practice philosophy and is designed to prepare speech-language pathologists for autonomous clinical practice. The training model at ASU stresses the integration of academic classroom learning and practicum experience across a broad spectrum of clinical specialties and practice environments. We believe that our graduate curriculum provides a strong foundation in the scientific knowledge base and a wide range of clinical field experiences that will prepare our graduates with essential tools for evidence-based clinical practice. The successful graduate will have the diagnostic and rehabilitative skills that fulfill the current Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology specified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The ASU graduate curriculum also is designed to enable MS degree students to meet current standards required for ASHA certification in Speech-Language Pathology. Our program has multiple and varied opportunities for students who are admitted to our program. Students have the option to tailor their training to increase their competencies in early intervention practice, school service delivery, medical settings, and working in a multicultural/multilingual setting." https://chs.asu.edu/programs/communication-disorders-ms "Clinical Experience The mission of the Master of Science in communication disorders program is to provide each student with clinical training across the lifespan and across nine disorder areas. Most students complete three rotations in a practicum setting with ASU clinical supervisors and an additional two off-campus internship placements. Advanced five-week clinical rotations are also available to increase student exposure to a wide range of settings, assessment methods and intervention programs. Some students in specialized programs may vary slightly in the order of their rotations but all students will complete a minimum of five semesters of clinical practicum. Practicum Rotations options for Year 1 ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic Students will gain experiences in treating adults who have acquired neurogenic communication disorders (e.g., aphasia, dysarthria, cognitive-linguistic disorders). Students may work with children who have severe communication challenges due to developmental disabilities, as well as with adults and/or children with fluency, voice and/or speech disorders. Some students in this rotation will provide accent modification services to individuals enrolled in an accent modification class on Friday mornings. Pediatric Communication Clinics (PCC) The PCC offers early childhood intervention services within the context of phonology groups, toddler groups, preschool groups and individual therapy sessions. While in this rotation you will be part-time at our off-campus clinic location and part-time at Educare. Educare This off-site center serves a large number of toddler and preschool children as well as their families. Students in the PCC rotation will be assigned to a classroom but will also participate in diagnostic testing for a range of children on site. Some students who are in other rotations (e.g. Public schools) will also provide diagnostic services at Educare. Public School Setting Students will spend 2 days/week at either an elementary school or high school working with children who have communication goals. An ASU faculty supervisor, as well as the on-site supervisor, will provide mentoring within this site. Focus areas include bilingual/multilingual intervention, autism and severe-profound disabilities. Banner Baywood Medical Center Students participate in a one day a week rotation for 5 consecutive weeks during the year. This rotation is typically concurrent with a placement in the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic. Students are supervised by the Banner Baywood SLP while he evaluates and treats clients in an acute medical setting. Specialized summer camps Our program offers a range of opportunities at our ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic that are only available in the summer semester. These include a Summer Program for Elementary Language and Literacy ( SPELL), ASU Peer Program for Socialization (APPS) and Child Hearing Connections Camp (CHCC). Practicum Rotations for Year 2 Public School Internship All students complete an internship in the public school setting. Depending on interest, students may choose to work in an elementary, a high school or a combined caseload district. Students may also choose an internship in the schools with an emphasis on specific populations (e.g., preschoolers, children with autism, hearing impaired, bilingual learners etc). Elective Internship Students choose their elective internship to suit their clinical training emphases. The program maintains affiliation agreements for internships with a wide range of private agencies serving children and adults including adult and pediatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers, private practice settings, special private schools. 5 Week Clinical Rotations This is a one-semester rotation taken concurrently with the public school internship. Most 5 week opportunities will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Students enrolled in the clinical rotations will pick from an array of choices including Valley ENT, Neuromuscular clinic, Mayo Voice, Acute Care Rotations, Pediatric Medical rotations and Diagnostic evaluations in the campus clinic. This rotation is optional depending on your program of study and needs but it is highly recommended for increasing your exposure to a range of settings and disorders. Our Practicum Partners Arizona Advanced Therapy Advanced Therapy Solutions Baio Enterprises Balsz School District Banner Baywood Medical Center Banner Casa Grande Medical Center Banner Desert Medical Center Banner Gateway Medical Center Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Banner University Medical Center Barrow Neurological Craniofacial and Cleft Clinic Barrow Neurological Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation Cardons Childrens Medical Center Cartwright School District Casa Grande Elementary School District Chandler Unified School District Chrysalis Academy Clubhouse Centers/Therapy Time Coolidge Unified School District Desert Valley Pediatric Therapy Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center Dignity Health St. Josephs Medical Center and outpatient clinic Direct Medical Group Childrens Rehabilitation Services Foundation for Blind Children Fountain Hills Unified Schools Gilbert Public Schools Glendale Elementary School District Gompers Habilitation Center Encompass Health Rehabiliation Hospital of East Valley Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Scottsdale Encompass Health Valley of the Sun Rehabilitation Hospital Honor Health Hospitals including outpatient, inpatient and pediatric services Honor Health Rehabilitation Isaac School District John J Rhodes Rehab Institute KidzSpot Pediatric Therapy Kyrene School District Madison School District Mayo Hospital Mesa Public Schools Neuromuscular Research Center New Way Academy Paradise Valley Unified School District Pediatric Speech and Language Specialists Pendergast Elementary Peoria Unified School District Phoenix Childrens Hospital Phoenix Day School for the Deaf Rehab without walls ResCare Ridge Zeller Therapy Scottsdale Unified School District SEEK Arizona Southwest Human Development Tempe Elementary School District Tempe Union Upward Foundation Valley ENT Washington Elementary School District Wellington Alexander Center" https://chs.asu.edu/programs/communication-disorders-ms/clinical-experience
  18. I feel this. Although, I got into my undergraduate institution and I have to hear back from 2 more schools. The two I am waitlisted on oare my top choices. I really want to get into one of them but I do not think it will be before April 15th. Which means I would probably have to accept my undergraduate institution but may have to say sorry I got accepted somewhere better. But i feel like that's not okay because you're burning bridges with them, but I love the faculty there and would not want to do that. So I am just waiting it out to see what happens.
  19. I know Grad School is suppose to be a living hell regardless, but it helps when professors are supportive of you. At UNR we were told the odds of getting in and that it is not always a straight line to getting the finish line. Our professor, now the director of the program was once kicked out of UNR and it took her awhile to get to where she is. But she is still successful. Seems like a very different climate and that is disheartening to hear. But I want to thank you anyways this was helpful information. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your endeavors.
  20. Thank you that is helpful. (Not sure my chances of getting in here are high then.) When looking I saw posts like these on the results page. "Went here for my undergrad. The faculty is not supportive. I do not recommend applying here. I only applied because I thought I had a chance but I guess not." I was curious if anyone had more insight on why someone would post that.
  21. You're welcome, I am glad this helped a bit. I am also glad I am not only one trying to tread my way through grad school as an only child. Once again the best of luck to you!!
  22. It is not because they do not have a great program from what I can tell, it is because if I was going to go back to California to "save money", I wasn't really going to save money going here. It is expensive to live in San Jose and I don't really like the city that much. If I was going to pick a financial option it was going to be Sac State. (Which I have yet to hear from.) I truly picked it because it was two hours from my parents. I thought if I went tried to go too far away they would not like it. I am an only child (my parents are very attached to me) and the farthest I have lived away is two ish hours in Reno. We usually see each other twice a month. But if I moved farther away, that would not be an option. Since, I have gotten waitlisted at ASU and UO, my top schools. My parents are all for me going to one of these schools if I get off the waitlisted. Not a reaction I expected. It does seems like a great program for bilinguals, which I am not. San Jose is also very diverse, which would be great when working in clinics and giving therapy. Plus, they have several grants that fund their program. For me, it was not a match personally, but it seems like a great program. I am not sure that helps or is the answer you wanted. Good luck on picking a program and your future endeavors and congrats to getting in to SJSU!
  23. I still haven't heard anything. I am assumed I got rejected. (but during this process I realized I really did not want go here. I applied because it was near to my parents. So I am not too upset about it.) Good luck and congrats to everyone else!!
  24. Hi All, I looked and it seems Sac State send out their decisions late March/ early April. So I am not expecting anyone to have heard back from them yet. But, in my exploration of decisions, I read that people did not like the climate of the program. I was curious if anyone could speak on their program at all? Do you like it? Do you not? Why or why not? Thanks in advance!
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