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  1. I haven't heard about a Facebook group yet! I have been thinking about emailing Erica soon because she said something about getting all of us in touch. I am moving up to Portland from Reno, Nevada, so I'll need to make some friends. So excited to have finally found another PSU person!
  2. I have been having this exact experience. I keep thinking they must have confused me with someone else or that they're going to pull out some minor requirement I missed. I don't know how to fight these feelings other than to make myself a cocoa and tell myself I'm being silly. I hope it will all start to feel more real soon.
  3. Any PSU peeps out there? I just accepted my position and want to start making connections.
  4. So I have just accepted my admissions at UW. I am planning to move up to Seattle right after graduation, and I want to work a summer job to save money before school. I prefer to avoid putting my job search off until I get there if I can. Does anyone have any advice on finding jobs from out of state? The job search websites, like Indeed or Glassdoor, are somewhat overwhelming, so any tips and tricks on finding a job using such websites or any other means are appreciated.
  5. At the interview I heard that they go way deep into the waitlist. Something like half their most recent cohort was off the waitlist. I'd say chances are good if that's the school you really want to go to. I just declined my acceptance a couple days ago, so hopefully you've been moved up a slot at least. Good luck!
  6. I will be at the in-person session on April 5th! It would be great to see another MedSLP person there! I got lucky with the expenses because my Aunt lives in Tacoma, and she offered to let me stay with her and drive me into Seattle. Hopefully you can work out the finances to come up, but if not their virtual meetings are actually really great. I did a virtual admissions webinar during the application process, and the women running it were very friendly ,and there were several opportunities to interact with the faculty and other "attendees" through Zoom. Even though it would be fun to visit the campus in person, the online option is not a bad alternative, especially if it lets you save money to actually accept your offer.
  7. Hi all, I was accepted into the MedSLP program, and I am seriously considering going because it is my top choice. My only concern in funding. Because MedSLP is a fee-based program, I am having a hard time figuring where financial aid comes from. We are not eligible for university funding or the WICHE program, which means MedSLP students have to rely on federal loans and department scholarships, right? And living in Seattle is already quite expensive, on top of the fixed tuition and lack of funding options. Does anyone have any information on MedSLP funding? I have an opportunity to get a Graduate Assistantship at Portland State, and I'm tempted to just ignore UW in favor of the better funding options there. I'd really rather go to UW, though. Help! 😂
  8. Even though I am incredibly nervous about moving far away, I have decided to go out of my home state because I value other perspectives in my education. Even though UNR has wonderful faculty, and I've learned so much from them, it is a small program and the only one in Nevada. I want to move away, so I have the opportunity to learn from someone other than the same 7 professors I have had the last four years. I think living and learning in a new place in order grow as a clinician is worth the stress and anxiety of the first couple months after moving.
  9. I also got accepted here but am thinking about declining, partly because I don't know anything about it, and I have been able to visit my other programs. I'd love to hear from current students or people that have been able to visit. 🤔
  10. Thank you! There was a delay between when my email went out and hers, so I don't think they're all out yet. Fingers crossed for you! 🤞
  11. I feel super overwhelmed too. I have no idea how to choose a program and how to figure out moving out of state. We have to just trust that so many students have been our positions and managed to succeed. We can do this.
  12. That was me! Haha. My friend from my program was also accepted today.
  13. I have been accepted at ASU, which is one of my top schools. The only thing keeping me from accepting is funding. I already emailed the department to ask about it, and they said that they would consider all accepted applicants for funding but couldn't tell me when I would know. Does anyone know anything about funding at ASU? When did you find out? Were there grants/scholarships/stipends/assistantships available? Is it doable to work while attending their program and, if so, how much? Thanks a bunch!
  14. Were you in the PrISMS program or was this just funding from the university? I am hoping to accept my admissions to ASU, but am waiting until I have more funding information.
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