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  1. How rigorous are the classes in Post Bacc Programs? the school I want to get into is pretty competitive so I need a good Post Bacc gpa, but science has never been my strong pursuit.
  2. Does anyone know if the CBEST masters program prefer their own students (post bacc) over students who did their post bacc at another school? I’m worried because all the testing centers are closed for CBEST (a requirement for csuf post bacc), I can’t take the test to submit my results. I’m scared my application will be counted out because I don’t have a score to submit. But I keep hearing that all the grad students in the MA program at csuf are all who did post baccs at CSUF so if I have to do my post bacc somewhere else, will I really have a low chance of getting into the
  3. Does anyone know when the CSUF Post Bacc application will open for fall 2021? I emailed Dr.Tsao and I got an automated reply that said she can’t reply until Mid-August. also, does anyone know if they will waive the cbest requirement? i can’t find ANY testing centers open and covid19 is spiking even more.
  4. I’m thinking about an online post bacc for Speech Pathology. I know that a downfall with this is that it will become harder to get letters of recs from professors because it’s an online program and you don’t really get that much closure to your Professors. But do the letter of recs all have to be from your Professor? Can I have letter of recs only from places I work or volunteer at, that is related to speech pathology?
  5. Does anyone have info on online post bacc programs for speech pathology? How do online post bacc programs work? Are online post baccs more harder and longer? I would like some information on this, thank you.
  6. @Amila congratulations! Can you tell me your stats?
  7. I'm interested in applying for the Speech Pathology Post Bacc at Cal State Fullerton. My undergrad GPA won't be so high at the time of application, which I'm super worried about because I know CSUF is competitive. I really want to get into the post bacc at CSUF. Does the CSUF Post-Bacc program only look at your gpa at the time of application? Or will they also look at your gpa overall? At the time of application, I'm only going to have a 3.155 but my graduation I would have a 3.4. Can anyone give me some information?
  8. I want to apply for the Post Bacc for Speech Pathology at CSUF and one of the requirements is a cbest passing score. all the testing centers are closed this whole year and probably next year... Does anyone know if they will not making it a requirement this year? I emailed the Dr.Tsao and she was so vague and just told me to recheck the website in September to see if they can make accomodations but I’m just sitting here sweating because that’s such a late time... Does anyone know if they would?
  9. I have to take the CBEST because it is a requirement for me to apply for the post bacc for SLP at CSUF... English is not my first language although I did live in America for a long time and I was in ESL until 6th grade... I have to get a 43 on the reading section to cover for the math section (I took it once before) and pass but every time I do the reading practice I would always get in the 38-40 range and it’s just stressing me out because I don’t think I can ever raise my score... My test is scheduled for September 22 but I don’t know if I can raise my score by t
  10. Hi I’m planning on applying for the Post-Bacc for Speech Pathology program. I’m only looking into schools near my home (CSUF, CSUN, Biola, CBU, etc) I know that you have to send in your transcripts but do you have to send it in like 6 weeks before the deadline? I have a problem because I’m a Junior in undergrad right now and after spring quarter, I would have a 2.98ish. But for Fall, I’m retaking the classes that I failed during Freshman year (due to personal reasons) and this is going to boost my gpa ALOT. But if I am expected to send in my transcripts at
  11. @bibliophile222 thanks for the info sorry I’m just really stressed because I really want to get into a post bacc at the schools near my home which are impacted... Do post baccs only look at your gpa at time of application? Or do they also look at your gpa at the end as well?
  12. What is the standard for post bacc programs? Do they pick people for post bacc based on their gpa? I want to get into a post bacc program in one of these schools... CSUF, CSULB, CSULA, Biola, CBU I’m not interested in online post bacc or other schools and it’s actually so important for me to get into one of these schools for post bacc I can only commute and I can’t go out of state or do online... My parents are very strict about this part... I know that post bacc for SLP programs in Socal is competitive but I don’t know what they look at when they pick
  13. @faithcarol if the post baccs are competitive.. will they just drop the people with GPAs on the low side..? Because I really want to do my post bacc at a school near me.... I don’t really want to do an online Post Bacc or go anywhere else except for schools like CSUF CSULB Biola CBU which are near me... Do you know what standards they pick the post bacc people? I’m so desperate I need all the information I can get...
  14. @Cece93 Hello. Do you have any information on CSULB, CSUF, or Biola Post Bacc? Those schools are the schools I hope to get in for Post Bacc but I have no idea if they look at GPA for post bacc and other things.. I'm a California Resident if that changes anything..?
  15. @bibliophile222 Hi thanks for your reply. I just heard online Post Baccs take longer than face-to-face? That's why I was interested in schools near my home... Also, do we need extracurriculars to get into a Post bacc? I thought we didn't and I'm panicking so much and my head is spinning after I saw a post about someone who had a low GPA but got into a Post bacc... they had extracurriculars.
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