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  1. I declined last week at Adelphi University. Good luck to those on the waitlist!
  2. I graduated with a 3.3 and got into 3 masters programs! You definitely have a shot of getting in. I'd set your sights on "less competitive" schools that will accept students within your GPA range. You can use ASHA EdFind to search for schools that accept students with your stats and go from there. I'd also suggest looking into schools in the UK if you'd be open to it. UK grad programs, while similarly competitive, often have higher enrollments and they look at more than just GPA, plus they don't require the GRE. It's no secret that in American schools it's a bit of a numbers game, meaning GPA and test scores, but in the UK they stress interviews (done via Skype if you're overseas) and an applicant overall, which I think is great as a competent clinician is more than his or her GPA. There's an agreement between the UK and US (as well as many other countries) for licensure, so your degree would be recognized. Plus, to my surprise when I was applying, it's often far less expensive than a master's program in the states!
  3. Does anyone have any insight on this? I'm starting my masters at a school in the UK this September. I'm American and plan to live and work in the states after graduation. With the MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) between ASHA and the UK, my degree will be recognized and I'll be able to work/get licensed in the states, but it does require a bit of paperwork and I want to stay on top of it now so I can begin my CF year as quickly as possible. I'm open to moving anywhere, as I don't really have any ties to a certain place. I'm looking for states/areas that generally have decent salaries or plenty of jobs or "easy" licensure etc. Any and all advice would be super appreciated!
  4. Hey! I applied for fall 2019 and I won't graduate until May 2019, so no. Some programs over there require that you already be finished with your bachelors when you apply but most do not. I've found that UK schools that require you to be finished before you apply usually have deadlines super late, like May or June. It sucks for applicants who are still in school because they're forced to apply super late and since they accept with a rolling admission process it hurts their chances. These are just my experiences though!
  5. Hey! This is the website I used to search for schools. You’ll want to apply early because unlike US schools they accept on a rolling admission. Good luck!
  6. Congratulations on your interviews and good luck!
  7. I haven't seen a post about ENMU fall '19 in a while so I wanted to see if anyone has heard back from them yet/gotten an interview Good luck to all applying!
  8. Hello, Does anyone have any experience applying for private loans from companies such as Sally Mae? I'm not anticipating that I will be offered enough by FAFSA to fund my graduate studies and I've been privileged as an undergraduate to not have to take out any private loans so this is all new to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ❤️
  9. Thank you so much! Good luck to you on your applications!
  10. Hey guys! Like most everyone else, I'm anxiously waiting around to hear back from schools. I'm from the US, but I also applied to four schools in the United Kingdom and was wondering if anyone else here applied in the UK or to international schools elsewhere? I actually just got invited to Skype interview with the program director of Leeds-Beckett University and I am stoked as this is the first communication I've heard from any school, US or UK!!! I found that the program prices are very comparable to US programs and in many cases are cheaper when comparing out of state/private tuition costs and as long as the program is accredited, your degree is recognized for licensure back in the States. Good luck to everyone applying!
  11. @Ali_Irene13 @Toya Hey guys! Did either of you receive a decision from the general graduate college of ENMU yet? I'm not sure if we will get a separate decision from the graduate college first and then a decision from the CDIS department. I haven't heard from either yet.
  12. Also, there's already a thread for NCCU but if you've also applied there and heard anything feel free to discuss here as well 🙂
  13. Hey guys, has anyone heard back from WCU yet? I got an email from them today and my heart sank thinking I got an admissions decision but it was just about a program tour 😂
  14. Has anyone who applied to ENMU or ETSU heard back yet? Good luck everyone!
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