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  1. I’m looking more towards the medical background but I like both!
  2. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any opinions on the following schools, and if you were accepted there and wouldn't mind sharing your stats too please (GPA, GRE, etc.)! University of Washington , University of the Pacific (Stockton,CA), SJSU, Chico State, SFSU, Portland State, Sacramento State, CSUSM, CSU Fresno, CSU Fullerton, Penn State, Case Western, Ohio State University, NYU
  3. Yes, EdFind is a great source! I've been searching for schools on there, but need to research more in depth because I want to choose the right schools to apply to! Thank you for the advice
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently a Junior in the CSAD program and I will be applying to graduate schools this year to begin in Fall 2020. Recently I've been feeling worried and concerned that I won't get into graduate school anywhere. So far, I have 7 A's and 2 B's in the CSAD program course, with a GPA of a 3.68 in the major. I still have to take the GRE. I have volunteered at both a hospital in the Speech Department and also shadowing a speech therapist in a local school. I am also involved in various other volunteering such as TBI support groups, working with children with ASD and Down syndrome, etc. I am also bilingual and have a lot of multicultural experiences in volunteering as well as personal. I am very determined to get into graduate school for the Fall of 2020. Does anyone have any tips/advice on how I can get into graduate school? I have lived in California my whole life, and would love to go to a school here, however I am open to moving to another state. Does anyone know of any schools that would accept me, whether in California or any other state? Any advice or tips would be extremely appreciated!!!
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