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    Pediatric Swallowing Disorders, Trauma/Anxiety-Related Feeding and Language Disorders
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  1. Yeah I have heard that, but also heard of cockroach infestations in those apartments. Maybe it’s no longer an issue, but it is an expensive apartment if that’s the case. I see places that are more around $750... which would be so nice.
  2. Same here! Maybe this is our call to start one? I am also looking for a roommate, though I would do a studio/1-bed apartment if necessary for the first semester. It would be nice to get a feel for our cohort
  3. I get that. I am completing a postbac right now and I’m really glad to have done it because I became much more sure about my interest in the field, but it also feels very much like an undergraduate experience. I think that the way UTD incorporates the things ASHA requires all graduates to take is really impressive, and an extra year at UIUC taking those classes might feel a bit like drudgery until you get to do clinical work. I don’t know! It is also a lot to take it... maybe three years is helpful? My favorite things about the UTD program are that the students and faculty say that it is prett
  4. There must be a reason that this is such a hard decision. From the information you’ve given it seems like there are many more pro’s to the UIUC program, but what are some of the things that make you so excited about UTD? I am 90% sure I am choosing UTD with the same in-state funding offer, and similarly have to give up a “better option” at Washington State University. I understand the struggle. For me, the program at UTD is worth the increase in loans and I will create an aggressive plan to pay them off. However, hearing that you like the program at UIUC and fit in well there makes it see
  5. Hello all! This question goes out to anyone who knows the Dallas area, and anyone who will be attending UTD Fall 2019 (CONGRATS!). I am a Northwest girl (though I have traveled quite a bit). I have never stepped foot outside that huge Dallas Fort-Worth airport to see what the area is like, so I need help to know where to look for housing and what areas will be fun to explore. I applied to this program because of the program itself, and am really excited to be able to accept my admissions offer thanks to an in-state tuition scholarship, but I am definitely still worried about how to be sma
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