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  1. Honestly for me it came down to funding. I couldn’t rationalize going into a ridiculous amount of debt when I was offered a great financial package at another great school! I knew I wouldn’t regret going to the less expensive school, but I would regret turning down my full tuition waiver at a program that I also really liked. I’m trying to set myself up for the future (e.g. marriage, emergencies, etc) so the decision became pretty easy then 😊
  2. Hi! I'm an out of field applicant and who had no research experience, but I got into every school I applied to. I did have an internship at a speech/physical/occupational therapy clinic two summers ago though. What I learned through this process is that related experience is also good experience! Schools want to see how invested you are in the field so whatever you can do, I'd say do it! I personally didn't have any opportunities to do research or time in my schedule to do so, so I say if you're already doing your best at showing grad schools your investment in the field (in whatever way that is) keep doing that and don't worry about the rest
  3. Anyone planning to attend UIUC? I just committed and would love to start meeting everyone via the facebook page Is there an fb group yet?
  4. Accepted the offer at UIUC today
  5. Declining Vanderbilt, University of Memphis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, University of Texas at Dallas, and Howard University Just accepted my offer at UIUC Hope this helps someone!
  6. Out of fielder here! It honestly took some heavy research. I applied to Vanderbilt, UTD, University of Memphis, Howard University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and University of Tennessee Knoxville; I’m originally from Tennessee. All of these schools accept students from different majors. Georgia State University and LSU Baron Rouge are accept us for sure, maybe Ohio State and Indiana University. These are schools I was also looking at. Vanderbilt, Memphis, and UTD implement the prerequisites of out-of-fielders so that we can finish in two years! This is awesome if you are not planning on taking out a lot of loans. I know these are mostly in the south but I hope this was helpful!
  7. I was also accepted on February 16th and wrote to the financial aid department... still no response about funding. I'll be declining my offer there very soon, best of luck to you guys/hopefully they get back soon with results and funding!
  8. The way they incorporate everything is SO impressive 😭 I’ve been to Dallas once when I was little but not to visit the program or see the school. I’d love to do that but won’t be able to, especially because I have to accept my big funding offer super soon. I really have to think about if I’m willing to go into that much debt. But you guys are really laying out the pros and cons for me and I really appreciate that 😭
  9. I love the multicultural emphasis and innumerable opportunities for different clinical placements. I’m also super interested in medical slp but since I’m an out-of-fielder I’m of course not yet sure! But I know I’d have many opportunities to explore that there. The city is also super great and I might want to move to Texas one day (still very unsure about that but something to think about) But I definitely will say 2 v. 3 year dilemma has been the biggest thing weighing on me
  10. Hi everyone!! I've been accepted to my dream school, UTD, with in-state tuition, but I've also been offered a graduate assistantship at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) that offers full tuition and a monthly stipend. I am still considering the other schools I've been accepted to, but these two schools are my top choices especially because of funding. I'm an out-of-field applicant, and at UIUC I would need to be in school for 3 years instead of 2 years at UTD. Even with in-state tuition for UTD, I'll have to take out many loans to pay for tuition and my living expenses (Dallas is so much more expensive than Urbana-Champaign). But still, UTD is my dream school and I really, really want to go there. I'm also already in a long-distance relationship and don't want that distance to be any longer than it needs to be, which makes UTD look that much nicer (3 years total of long distance vs. 4 years). I've already met the students and faculty at UIUC; I feel like I would fit in really well there and the funding is SO good. I know this is a really good spot to be in, but I just don't know what to do. Is anyone else in this position? Thoughts? Will I kick myself in the foot later for not taking the best financial offer? Will graduate school go by so fast that it won't even feel like another year of long distance? H E L P All advice is welcome
  11. I also haven't heard and I applied in early December... which feels kinda ridiculous. At this point, I just want to know so I can make the most informed decision by April 15th.
  12. I'm feeling the exact same way!! I pushed the thought of Vandy away because I knew I wouldn't get in, but now what! If they gave me good funding I'd definitely consider it. I also want to talk to some current grad students @ Vandy and find out about their experience.
  13. I also just got into Vanderbilt and I am completely shocked!! I applied on a whim because I had no idea I was going to get in
  14. I'm starting to get super antsy about UT Dallas I submitted my application like the first day December and still haven't heard back from them (I was really excited). I see that more people are starting to get accepted now. Anybody else in the same boat? Should I start giving up hope with this school?
  15. It was for sure!! I'm now a little calmer but anxiously waiting for the responses from the others. Even though I've been accepted somewhere, the worrying hasn't stopped.
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