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  1. Since you already have two csd professors to speak about your academic potential I would chose your boss at the preschool to display your work ethic and add a little variety.
  2. I forgot to "quote" you so I'm not sure you'll get notified of my previous responses. You're not alone in this!
  3. I also did a post bacc program for two years (part time) before starting grad school. It’s a lot of work but definitely worth it if this is what you want to do!
  4. I’m 31 and just started by my grad program this fall. It’s never too late to follow your dreams! Plus, at this age school is more important to me, which ultimately makes me a better student.
  5. It depends. Do you have a high gpa and experience? Also, was your writing score a 4 or above? If all those are yes then you probably don’t.
  6. Is your undergrad in CSD? If not, I would spend the time taking online pre-reqs for the grad program and gaining experience (volunteering, working in the field, observation, etc) until you're ready to apply for an in person program. Many programs will not accept students without pre-reqs anyways. Your other option is just to apply to UH Manoa or online programs and hope for the best. You can email the online programs you're interested in to inquire about how the students get clinician opportunities and if there's any support from the school on that topic.
  7. I took an online post-bacc program and loved it. The main reasons why I did not want to do online for grad school was because I thought I'd have better networking opportunities attending an in person program and clinical reasons. I heard if you take an online program you have to find your own clinical opportunities within your state, which can be challenging.
  8. I've read it's the schools discretion whether or not they accept physical science. I would ask the schools you are planning on applying to what their policy is on that.
  9. I agree, do not spend your time and money retaking. I had a 149 on my quant section and it was fine.
  10. I was accepted to this program but declined. One thing to note that many people don't realize is that even though the classes are online, it's not the type of online where you can log on at whatever time you want. You have to attend the online "live" sessions at specific times during the week. Just thought I'd mention this but hopefully other people who are in the program can weigh in and provide more info for you!
  11. I took mine online at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  12. What are your scores? I would say if your quantitative is below a 148 or 147 you should consider retaking. However, some scores look at your overall total so it really depends how high your verbal is. My score was 151 verbal and 149 quantitative and I didn't have a problem getting accepted.
  13. I don't think your stats are too low. I know personally my undergrad (outside of field) GPA was about a 3.0, but my post bacc CSD classes were close to a 4.0. I was also nervous and applied to so many schools, but I was accepted to several and waitlisted to even more. My GRE stats weren't even as good as yours so I think you will be fine.
  14. CSDCAS cost $50 per application (after the first one which is $100), the initial cost of sending all your transcripts to them, and then the cost of sending GRE scores ($27 for each school you apply to). If you're applying through CSDCAS it will be about $77 for all the applications after the first one. You only have to pay to send your transcripts to CSDCAS once, however, you have to pay to have your GRE sent to every school. Keep in mind, some school have supplemental applications via their website in addition to CSDCAS that sometimes require additional fees. If you're applying to a
  15. Does anyone know an affordable school I can take an online intro to Spanish (Spanish 100) class at? My program is requiring a language class and I prefer to take it at a community college for it to be cheaper. I prefer to pay less than $200 per unit if possible!
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