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  1. WesttoEast18

    How long is too long of a commute?

    I think 2 hours would be too long if you were driving, but luckily with those 2 hours you can just look at it as study time and do your readings/assignments.
  2. Yes you can. Just keep in mind some schools require certain pre-reqs be completed before the program starts.
  3. I know the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire offers Audiology online. Not sure how cheap it will be but you can do it over the summer.
  4. WesttoEast18

    Low GPA... Is there hope for me?

    I think there's hope but I would definitely recommend jumping in this summer and start retaking some of your classes. I had less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA and did a post bacc program and got close to a 4.0. I think as long as these programs see that you're making an effort to improve yourself (and your application) they will give you a shot.
  5. WesttoEast18

    College of St Rose

    I was accepted for the fall 2018 and have to take two pre-reqs. Every grad program has different pre-reqs so not every undergrad (or post-bacc program) will offer them all. One of my pre-reqs is education based since I don't have those classes in my background. The good thing about this program is you can take the pre-reqs with the grad classes (so you don't have to rush to finish them before you start).
  6. WesttoEast18

    Schools that accept low GREs scores; HELP!!

    Hmm, I wouldn't qualify those scores as average to be honest, especially your quantitative score. If you look on the GRE website it will tell you how your scares compare to other test takers. I would really invest in trying to improve your GRE scores. I had to take my GRE twice and it was a nightmare, but definitely worth it I think. Good luck!
  7. WesttoEast18

    Schools that accept low GREs scores; HELP!!

    What are your scores exactly? Considering your GPA is on the lower end of acceptable (in the eyes of grad school), you may benefit from trying to improve your scores. As for schools, I don't know exactly but if you look on the ASHA website, each school will have stats on the students they accept.
  8. I was working at the time and personally paid out of pocket for my classes. The post bacc classes aren't nearly as much as grad school so it's more doable. I would recommend trying to pay out of pocket if you can, especially since you'll have to take loans for grad school.
  9. I had a low undergrad GPA (outside of major) and a high post-bacc GPA and average GRE scores. Because of this, I increased the number of applications I submitted. Looking back I regret applying to so many schools because I received acceptances to a few and many waitlists. I would recommend applying to your choices but also researching the ASHA site and make sure that they accept within your GPA range. It wouldn't hurt to add one or two "back up schools" to your list as well.
  10. Yes this is okay. As long as the pre-reqs are taken it doesn't matter where you take them (as long as it's an ASHA accredited school). I've taken pre-reqs at a few different schools and it was fine.
  11. WesttoEast18


  12. WesttoEast18


    Have you thought of volunteering in the field? I volunteer at an aphasia center and feel like that greatly helped my applications. When you reach out to speech therapy practices, it may be beneficial if you word it as you're looking for a "volunteer" experience versus internship. I feel like places are more receptive to that since internships are usually school based and have paperwork that come with them.
  13. WesttoEast18

    Doubting my abilities

    Congrats on getting accepted! I remember your other post (before you heard back) and I was hoping it would end up working out for you. Just do the best that you can, you already made it this far, which is half the battle! Go to your classes, pay attention, take good notes, and study as much as possible. If you're unclear about something reach out to your professor or peers for help. I think as long as you try your best you will do fine! People say the hardest part of grad school is getting in and you're already done with that part.
  14. WesttoEast18

    Dropping grades after acceptance

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, I have never heard of this happening. The only way that I would be concerned is if it was one of their pre-req classes and you received a grade below a B.
  15. I took fluency online at UWEC and really enjoyed the class and the professor! I highly recommend taking it there.

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