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  1. This is the same with NYU Steinhardt- you have to log in at specific class times for a video/skype class.
  2. This is true, but one thing I'd like to highlight in the link that rowboat provided All graduate course work and graduate clinical experience required in speech-language pathology must have been initiated and completed in a speech-language pathology program accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) So the hours earned will not matter if you do not receive your degree from a school that is either accredited, or in the process of being accredited by ASHA.
  3. Also, if you'd like to share the school's name I'm happy to find their info for you and provide you the link if you're having trouble finding it!
  4. You can look on ASHA's website and find the school. If they are there they should have information on their status (accredited, pending, candidate)- if you graduate from any of those graduate programs you are fine and will earn your C's after passing praxis (and filing the appropriate paperwork). If you can't find any school info on the ASHA website that likely means they are not accredited (or trying to be) and you will not earn your C's. Try googling "School name + ASHA" and it should direct you to the school's page on the ASHA website. Or you can google "SLP ASHA schools" and it should give you a list of all the accredited schools (broken down by state).
  5. Why am I not getting chosen

    I'd also like to add that you don't have to pay off the loans until you complete the program and by that time you will be working.
  6. NY/NJ Graduate Applicants Fall 2018

    Haha good to know!
  7. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    Thank you, best of luck to you as well!
  8. Why am I not getting chosen

    You can take out personal student loans to cover your living expenses (in addition to FAFSA). If you don't get accepted to the school, then you don't have to take out the loans at all. Or are you referring to other loans that you have?
  9. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    That's awesome, congratulations! It's such a relief when a decision is finally made (on both sides) and the anxiety is over! I will be attending The College of Saint Rose
  10. NY/NJ Graduate Applicants Fall 2018

    The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY! I only applied to two NJ schools- William Paterson (rejected) and Seton Hall. Seems like NJ schools are crazy competitive!
  11. NY/NJ Graduate Applicants Fall 2018

    It's okay, I likely will not attend either way since I already paid a deposit in another program, but I'm still curious.
  12. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    One good thing about attending a school in a rural area is I'm sure you'll become very close with your cohort!
  13. NY/NJ Graduate Applicants Fall 2018

    Oh good to know! My last name starts with A so that probably means I'm waitlisted or rejected.
  14. SLP Prerequisites advice

    I had no experience/background in CSD courses (or knowledge of language development) and I found that the classes are designed to teach you the information as you progress through the hierarchy of CSD classes. I started out with anatomy and physiology of speech mechanism and also normal language development- those two were foundation courses that prepare you for the more detailed courses. The first year that I took classes I also worked full time but it got to be too much so I ended up leaving my job to focus on school and volunteering within the field. It's definitely doable though depending on how many classes you plan on taking each semester.
  15. NY/NJ Graduate Applicants Fall 2018

    Does anyone know when Seton Hall will be sending out notifications?