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  1. CSDCAS cost $50 per application (after the first one which is $100), the initial cost of sending all your transcripts to them, and then the cost of sending GRE scores ($27 for each school you apply to). If you're applying through CSDCAS it will be about $77 for all the applications after the first one. You only have to pay to send your transcripts to CSDCAS once, however, you have to pay to have your GRE sent to every school. Keep in mind, some school have supplemental applications via their website in addition to CSDCAS that sometimes require additional fees. If you're applying to a school outside of CSDCAS I've seen the price range from $25-$75 plus the GRE and transcript costs. I had about 6 transcripts so my cost really got up there!
  2. WesttoEast18

    Online language class

    Does anyone know an affordable school I can take an online intro to Spanish (Spanish 100) class at? My program is requiring a language class and I prefer to take it at a community college for it to be cheaper. I prefer to pay less than $200 per unit if possible!
  3. WesttoEast18

    Physics Grade- ASHA prerequisite

    I'm not sure but I would reach out to your grad program and ask them, they will most likely find out anyways when they review your transcripts.
  4. You can look on the ASHA website. Each school has their detailed info and requirements. I've heard that schools who do not require GRE usually take students with really high GPA's.
  5. WesttoEast18

    Letter of Intent Revision from Professor

    Maybe she feels you left out experience that would be relevant to the field? You can always politely ask her to clarify explaining what she means. Most personal essays have word limits so you don't want to include TOO much.
  6. WesttoEast18

    Interview Process for Prospective School

    I went to three interviews when I applied and the dress code was professional (dress pants with blazer or skirt/dress with blazer). All of the interviews were relatively easy and not really clinical based. They mostly ask you your background and why you're interested in the program, etc. There were a few "what would you do" questions but they were relatively simple. I don't think there's any need to study material prior- it's really basic stuff.
  7. WesttoEast18

    Retaking CSD courses online

    I'm actually not sure how much it was per unit, but it ran me about 2-3K a semester. They do have all their financial info on their website though.
  8. WesttoEast18

    Retaking CSD courses online

    I took Aural Rehab and Speech & Hearing Science at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire online program- I highly recommend! All the professors are really knowledgeable and care about teaching and their students.
  9. WesttoEast18

    Speech Pathology Grad Programs GRE

    I agree with the previous poster, those scores are pretty decent (especially AW). So that combined with your experience will put you in a pretty good position I think.
  10. WesttoEast18

    Recording lectures allowed?

    I also wanted to look into recording lectures to reference back on. Do you know how far you have to sit from the professor with notability? I do not have any experience using an app like this so any info you can provide would be useful. Also if anyone else has any free apps that would be great as well!
  11. WesttoEast18

    GRE Study Tips

    I did one of the online prep courses! I definitely think they're helpful and will raise your score.
  12. WesttoEast18

    Low GRE, what do I do?

    I think it's a good move to retake the GRE and attempt to improve your verbal. I would definitely study the vocab and reading comprehension, which will improve your scores for that part of the exam. While most schools do look at many aspects of a candidates application, I haven't seen very many students accepted with a GRE verbal score lower than 148 (and that's usually the bare minimum).
  13. WesttoEast18

    How long is too long of a commute?

    I think 2 hours would be too long if you were driving, but luckily with those 2 hours you can just look at it as study time and do your readings/assignments.
  14. Yes you can. Just keep in mind some schools require certain pre-reqs be completed before the program starts.
  15. I know the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire offers Audiology online. Not sure how cheap it will be but you can do it over the summer.

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