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  1. My undergrad wasn’t in CSD unfortunately. I’m going to spend the next two years trying to get those pre reqs in or a second bachelors in CSD. I currently work for a company that has an early intervention program. So I’m going to try to talk to them about letting me volunteer there or go into the Austism program at my company to be an RBT to get some direct therapy experience that way. I know I def need to step up my resume to be competitive since it’s not my field. I just keep praying this won’t all be for nothing.
  2. I think that’s going to be the option I’m going to take. Just take my time to do well. Originally I wanted to take the UH Outreach PCP program but it limits me to UH Manoa Program. I have a BS in Business. I saw two online programs that offer a second bachelors in communication studies. And I could pretty much apply to anyone program after that. My husband retires in 2021, and we won’t be staying in Hawaii. High cost of living and lack of help with a little one. So I will probably apply to grad schools in Boston (where I’m from) or florida where my in laws are.
  3. Yup. That’s definitely my fear. If I can’t find a clinical it would already put me behind. I saw some people mention a 2nd bachelors which would take me a little longer, but by then my husband would have retired and that would give me the opportunity to apply to programs out of state. My ideal situation would be an in person program.
  4. Do you mind elaborating? UH Mānoa is my top school mainly because of location.
  5. In my situation I’m only able to apply to one program which is UH Mānoa. My husband is active duty and I also have a toddler. I can’t physically relocate to another state since I don’t want to take a small child with me and go to school at the same time. So I guess my other question. How are the online programs? Are you enjoying the online programs or wish you had applied to an in class school?
  6. With the online programs how are you all finding clinicals to fulfill that portion of the degree?
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