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  1. I just accepted my offer to U of Utah and I'm so excited to start making plans for the move. I'm looking to get out there by August 1st. Anyone else here looking for housing and would possibly want to chat to see if we'd be good roommates? I talked with a few friends and have some suggestions for good neighborhoods to live in.
  2. I need one other person to make a group for U of Utah!
  3. I’m also declining my offer. Based on what I’ve read about their lack of professionalism and communication with students, I don’t even want to bother thinking about going here. Wish I would’ve researched a bit more before spending money and taking the time to apply. If anyone has any GOOD reasons to stick with this school, then by all means let me know ?
  4. Financially speaking, FAFSA only gives a certain amount and since you basically can’t or shouldn’t work more than a few hours a week, does this mean I have to take out loans to cover my entire cost of living in addition to tuition?! I’m really overwhelmed at the thought, but I know that I’m investing in myself.
  5. Anyone here accepting an offer? If so, why? I’d like to start a Facebook group so we can get to know each other. Cheers!
  6. I checked my status and it still just says “received” under the application. Maybe they haven’t contacted everyone yet?! Hopefully ?
  7. Oh gotcha. This thread is for Speech Pathology applicants. Congrats to you tho!
  8. How did you hear? Are did you apply for MS-SLP? Is there a place to check status online? Congrats!
  9. I filled out the FAFSA, but didn’t see any information as to the expected award amount. I’ve been an independent student my entire undergrad (I’m 35) and only got a few extra thousand per semester to put toward living expenses so I had to work full time as well. It doesn’t seem like working more than 10 hours per week is doable while in grad school. Was the $20,000 in addition to tuition or including? My tuition will be about $42,000 for a year :/. Thanks for the response! I’m getting excited but super nervous that I won’t be able to afford everything.
  10. Hey all, I’m thoroughly confused as to how I’m supposed to choose a school when I don’t know how much money I will be awarded for loans, etc. Is there a way to find this out before making a decision? Also, how much is normally distributed for living expenses since working during school is pretty unrealistic. Please help!
  11. I was just accepted to the SLP Master’s program at NAU. Would love the same insight as Larissa mentioned above. Thanks!!
  12. So I was taking out the trash at my new house today and decided to empty out the piles of junk mail in the mailbox along with it. I still use my previous mailing address so looking through the mail didn't really occur to me, but today something told me I should. Good thing I did because there was an acceptance letter from Northern Arizona in there! It was dated Feb. 13th! Still waiting on Northern Colorado, CU-Boulder, and U of Wyoming, but I've been accepted to Idaho State, U of Utah, Rocky Mountain U and NAU! So exciting!
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