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  1. Has anyone ever gone through the application process or gone to this school?? I'd love to learn more information about the program!
  2. I got waitlisted for into my program to come to Japan but I got in! Once I arrived, the fact that i was waitlisted instead of beign accepted from the beginning was irrelevant. I do my job just as well as the people who had been accepted. I think having "imposter syndrome" is so common in this field. Even after finishing school, it seems like a lot of people struggle with accepting that they CAN do the job and do it well. Know you're not alone in your feeling but also know it's unwarranted and you'll do great <3 Your waitlist is irrelevant now that you're in. Make the best of it!
  3. Thank you for your reply!! What time are classes typically? Is it possible to work in a school and make it to class?
  4. I'm not sure about this program specifically but I am from Pittsburgh and people always speak highly of the university, especially for healthcare.
  5. Congratulations!!! I am doing the second BS program for Comm Dis at USU just to help my GPA because I blew it in undergrad x.x It's nice to hear some positive news.
  6. Do you get penalized for not being online for the class time or is it fine to just watch the recording?
  7. Working as a CNA is an awesome way to get experience working with adults! I worked in a skilled nursing facility for three years and got tons of experience working with rehab patients, geriatric and dementia. Even though it's hard work it's invaluable experience.
  8. JET Program is an amazing program for teaching English in Japan!! I think the application process starts in October I'm here now while I do my prereqs online.
  9. Right! Now if we can just get more places to offer to pay for your schooling to get SLPs like how many hospitals/nursing homes do with nurses!
  10. Unfortunately I'm from PA so not close enough! I did however see they offer some scholarships to people from other states, including PA.
  11. From the posts I've looked at, everyone always says to go for the cheapest program and don't look back xD
  12. Oh wow, really?? I won't be starting applications until the end of next year at the earliest because of life circumstances (I'm living abroad) so I hope things change!
  13. I'm curious about Maine but I think it's a little more expensive for out-of-staters right?? I saw something about the state really needing workers (because people are either leaving or dying) so it would be really awesome if they set up something for people to go to school there if they signed a contract to work within the state for so many years after or something. xD
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