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  1. I think this might answer your question:
  2. I think @bp21 mentioned being a 2nd year Dal student.
  3. Hey, I took ling 319 online, which is similar to csd 211. (Basically the same). You access it thru eclass, your prof will prob post videos and resources there. I know we had a couple of assignments, a midterm and a final. I'm sure your prof will email you soon.
  4. Got offered a position on the waiting list at dalhousie at 1:30 PM MT.
  5. I have a provisional acceptance to a school in Ireland. The provisional acceptance should be outlined in your offer. For example, mine needs the transcripts and degree from my university with an average of 3.0/4.0 sent before I arrive in Ireland I.e. before the semester starts. If you don't meet the qualifications of the acceptance, they could deny you entry to the program. I can accept my offer, but I have to meet the conditions before I arrive at the school. Therefore, you don't have the spot regardless, you need to meet the qualifications outlined in your provisional acceptance. Another example is the people who posted earlier about needing to get a b+ for toronto. They probably have a provisional acceptance dependent on them achieving that grade in the class before the school year starts. As long as you do that, you have the spot. But if you dont do that they can deny you entry. (Provisional basically means that they have accepted you, but they reserve the right to change it) Personally I dont know if you accept an offer whether u will still be on the waitlist for another school. I mean, I doubt the schools communicate with each other so I dont see why not but I dont know for sure. If you are unsure, I would email the school w the provisional acceptance. Always better to know for sure. Hope that helped.
  6. This is my first year applying but I have thought a LOT about this ahh. I would look at language acquisition or similar labs, at the university you went to. You also potentially get paid a little more if you have a degree. If there is a professor you got along with or liked their work, I would ask them if they need help or know anyone who needs help with research etc.Considering you applied to Western you must have had to shadow an SLP so maybe even ask them for work. I know it sucks working minimum wage if you have a degree but especially with the economic changes we are going to go through due to COVID-19, I would be thankful to have a job. If it is relevant experience at minimum wage, I would still take the experience if you believe it will strengthen your application. You also might have less hours, which could be a good thing, if you can handle that financially, because you could fill those empty spaces with volunteering. Also, if it is feasible and you are okay with it, if you did not apply to a lot of schools look for ways to apply to more, by taking classes or retaking classes. I know we all have our dream school but sometimes we have to put more eggs in our baskets. I've heard of some people becoming behavioural therapist assistants or educational assistants and things like that as well, so if that is something you are interested in it might be worth it to check out.
  7. really hoping it is april cause I don't know how much longer I can wait with this uncertainty
  8. Got my rejection notice from the uofa this morning around 10 am MT.
  9. For those who havent heard anything from uofa yet, has your portal changed?
  10. Was this the first time you heard from them or the official offer?
  11. Any news from McGill today from anyone? Does anyone know if they send out offers in waves?
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