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  1. Got my rejection notice from the uofa this morning around 10 am MT.
  2. For those who havent heard anything from uofa yet, has your portal changed?
  3. Was this the first time you heard from them or the official offer?
  4. Any news from McGill today from anyone? Does anyone know if they send out offers in waves?
  5. congrats on getting wait listed! crossing my fingers! did you get an email? who sends the email? also for those of you who applied to ualberta and already have a ccid do they send it to your ualberta email or the email you applied with?
  6. I received mine tuesday, so I think they are prob still going through the list. And if you do email them, they will prob just give you the blanket "we cant tell you about your application right now etc".
  7. It has been pre-screening for at least a month for me. At this moment it is hard to believe that we might hear back before the end of the month. 😅
  8. My McGill application is in review! Does anyone know when ppl heard back from McGill last year?
  9. ahh that is the worst! I hope he sends it soon. With regards to knowing when he opens your email, I think there is a setting in outlook and gmail to be notified when the email is opened. I always forget to use it but maybe that would help with peace of mind, especially for these types of things. Good luck!
  10. Hi Probably not the best cGPA (if out of 4.0), what is your GPA for your last 60 credits as a lot of schools look at that too. I think if there was anyway possible, try to take courses again or equivalent courses to get your gpa up. If you cant take the prerequisites again at all, even if you did it online or through another institution, then I would try to take other courses to improve your gpa if you have the means. if your cGPA is 2.5 but you did really well, like 3.7+ in your last 60 credits i.e. last two years, then I would address that in your personal statement as to why that happened or how you have grown etc.. Your job experience might help you out, but if you can't take courses, or if you have enough time, I would try to gain experience with other populations by volunteering as well. As for GRE, if you are not good at math, practice. The thing with the GRE is how well you do on the first section determines how difficult your second section is, and the harder your sections are the higher percentile you will have. Also, get a math tutor if you really have struggles. Magoosh was a pretty good online source for practice. I am okay with verbal so I did not study as much, but again, realising your weaknesses and trying to overcome them is really important. I think with your cGPA you would have to do fairly well on the GRE if that is what you are counting on alone to get you through this. I just applied this year, but in Canada, but have not heard back yet. The US has more programs though so you have that going for you. Also, I wouldn't hope on getting into top rated programs, go for the state schools.
  11. Hi all, I applied to the UofA (in pre-screening process, took about 1 week after application to get into this step), McGill and Dalhousie (which I applied to 1-2 weeks before the deadline). I'm also applying to some schools in the UK to bump up my chances because I only have the prereqs for 3 Canadian schools. Super nervous because my GPA is kind of on the low end, especially because I feel like most schools dont even look at the other components of your application at first glance. I feel like I have a variety of volunteer experiences but still dont know if that will make up for it, and I have worked in a linguistics lab as a research assistant for the past 6 months. This is my first year applying, and I am prepared for rejection (kind of) but still ahhh. For those of you who have applied earlier, have you heard anything?
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