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  1. Yea, I've always seen myself working more with the adult/senior population but I really do love what I have seen so far in therapy with children. I think practicums really will help us decide. All SLPs that I have met say that they changed their minds in grad school and ended up working with the opposite population that they were set on before hand. I just can't wait to start at this point - really hoping that the Covid crisis doesn't postpone the programs starting this fall!
  2. Hey, I'm curious to hear everyone's stories too! I had considered both SLP and Audiology when I was planning my undergrad degree and I actually thought I wanted to pursue audiology until I volunteered in a speech and hearing clinic. When I was at this clinic they told me that you'll know pretty quick which career you will be a better fit for and it was very true! I learnt so much about CIs and all kinds of hearing aids but I definitely found myself more drawn to the processes and techniques used by the SLPs. They encouraged me to judge what fit best to my personality and I am so glad that I had that support in making my decision. After being in that clinic and being 99% sure SLP was for me, I volunteered in a private clinic where I saw lots of treatment for apraxia and language therapy for kids on the spectrum. I also volunteered at a hospital in acute care and stroke rehab and absolutely loved it. Between all three of the places I observed/volunteered, I became 150% sure it was what I wanted to do! Another big plus for me was that there are lots of SLP jobs in rural areas and I plan to live rurally when I am done school. The list goes on - there are lots of amazing things about the career but those are my key points!
  3. This was the first time I had heard. I didn't receive an email prior like some people had said they did. I just got one email saying to check the portal and the page had changed from pre-screening to decision and in there was the letter from the dean.
  4. Got the admissions offer from U of A on Friday morning! Can't wait till fall!
  5. When I inquired about how many interview offers they sent from the waitlist, I was told they average around 20 per year. But... she also told me that I was 9th on the waitlist and we would know by this past Monday if we were going to be offered an interview and I was not contacted so I am assuming they did not offer many spots to the waitlist this year. Sorry for the not-so-good news but at least we can stop wondering!
  6. I've also been waitlisted and when I emailed inquiring about this I was told that they have invited approximately 20 people off the waitlist in the past few years... Hope this helps!
  7. Do you know how many out of province students they accept per year? Also I'm on the fence about my GRE scores, do you know how much attention they give those in the selection process?
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