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  1. Did you get an email confirmation from them around February saying that they received your documents? If so, it could be possible that you're getting accepted. Last year in the forum, there were people who didn't hear back when everyone else did and ended up getting accepted. Hopefully, you hear some good news soon ☺️
  2. Does anyone know where you can find information on tuition costs for the SLP program at Western? I found if for Dalhousie but did not see it anywhere on Westerns website
  3. Would you mind sharing your stats? You can private message me as well if you feel more comfortable doing that.
  4. Would you mind sharing your stats? You can also private message me if you feel more comfortable doing that!
  5. Last year when I asked for feedback on my application I was told that 250 people applied but not sure about this year.
  6. Could also be because classes were online and some were easier to get higher grades in
  7. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats and are you from the East coast? You can message too if you don't feel comfortable sharing in the forum.
  8. Also received my rejection from McMaster today. I kind of prepared myself for it as I know the GPA cut-off is competitive. Just wanted to share this as it made me feel better. My friend who applied last year didn't receive an interview from McMaster but was accepted by Western and UofT and now attends UofT. It goes to show that you can still be a qualified applicant without having an extremely high GPA. I'm hoping McMaster will change their application process in the future. GPA is a very important measure but it doesn't paint the whole picture for many applicants.
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