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  1. Congrats. Ali_Irene13. What term are you starting and if you don’t mind sharing your stats? I am kind of sad because, I just saw they changed their application process and I thought I had more time to apply, but applications are now due Aug 15 and Jan 15. I was looking to apply for the spring 2020 cohort.
  2. Hi. Yes they are changing but it will come in affect for the Fall 2020 Cohort. I talked to Dr. Swift and she sent me information on the changes. They are making a lot of changes to the program. One thing is the application process will no longer be free and has to be submitted via CDCAS. I’m applying as well for the Spring 2020 start. I went all the way to NM to see the school and the department. If you have any questions I can fill you in. I hope we both get in.
  3. This is very helpful! I talked to graduate students and they advised me not to take the class and log in while working. They said it is very different than the undergraduate classes. I will be taking classes in the Fall.
  4. HI. I was wondering if any past or current SLP ENMU students can tell me how the synchronized classes work? I want to take a class over the summer but the class is during work times. I work until the end of June. I was wondering can I log in and be present during the class time and have it playing in the background. Will I have to participate or use my video? I have a desk job and have a computer with internet access.
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