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  1. Hello all! Is anyone considering going to any Speech Pathology programs in Australia? I applied to Curtin University, Griffith University, and Macquarie University - received an acceptance to Curtin last week, but the offer letter states that the program does not provide any audiology hours. I'm from Ontario, Canada, and CASLPO requires 90 audiology hours in order to practice here. I'm still waiting for a reply from the course coordinator, but does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!
  2. Hey @hellooo where did you apply? If you don't mind me asking!
  3. I'm looking into applying to Valdosta State's Spring admission. Anyone know if we are to upload our personal statements? There is no prompt on the application page to submit it. Also, where do we submit our official transcripts? The application page does not allow us to submit it either... Thanks!
  4. Anyone still waiting on LIU Post and not get an interview?
  5. Waiting on: U at Buffalo, LIU Post, Wayne State, Western Michigan, Washington State. Anyone know if any more acceptances will be sent out? Or does this mean rejection..lol
  6. Rejection on email and on Galaxy portal on Feb 23rd
  7. I applied to both Wayne State and Western Michigan and still haven't heard back! I saw that some people were emailed acceptances to Wayne State already tho, so I really hope this doesn't mean it's a rejection :/
  8. Hey, has anyone done or is in the progress of presenting research posters at research conferences? I am wondering where I can place this on the ORPAS application. The only place I can think of is under "other volunteer experiences"!
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