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  1. Here are others: Yeshiva University Case Western Reserve Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Sciences University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center University of Texas San Antonio Health Sciences Center Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Rocky Mountain University of Health Sciences University of Washington Medical SLP track
  2. You have to find the school that values you. Go visit and speak with the professors/directors. I had a 2.7 overall and 4.0 in CSD courses and got in. There is a school for everyone.
  3. Do you know if all graduates of the Doctor of SLP are working and can you teach with the degree?
  4. I would ask why their completion rate, praxis pass rate are low
  5. I had a horrible, racist and nasty clinical supervisor who was a control freak and backstabbed me on paper but was all polyanna in my in person interactions. I wish I knew how to advocate for myself to not be placed in a setting I didn't want. I documented everything the bully bitch did to me. Basically it came down to me acting and being like her or she would fail me instead of allowing me to be creative. All my other externships turned out fine. One thing I go out of that place was it demonstrated how NOT to mentor a novice into the field. I got out of that backward, intolerant helhole part
  6. I graduated with my master's. It can be done, but your choices might be limited. Also, don't just apply to CSDCAS schools, but use ASHA to find other schools. I think the schools on CSDCAS are more competitive. My undergrad school used percentages and not the 4.0 system used by CSDCAS which gave a 2.9. I emailed over 200 schools to find out who is likely going to accept me. I got rejected by CSDCAS schools unfortunately, but got into others at that time. I think it's because my CSD GPA was a 4.0 so I highlighted that in my well-written and passionate personal statement which helped.
  7. Your body knows when it has reached its limit. You should consider cutting down some GA-ship hours or clinic assistant. Focus on learning the material. You have the next 40 years to work.
  8. I can't open your file but based on my experience when I applied, you should be fine for the middle-tier NYC schools. You may need higher for TC. Your may also need higher GPA for the CUNY schools. NYU said their minimum to be considered when I spoke to admissions is 3.5 so you're on track. NYMC and Adelphi needs around 3.6. LIU Post accepted people with sub 3.0 overall in the past but may need to have good application profile like good SOP, interview and related experience to balance it out. Yeshiva U cares about grades in the prequisited and also look at the big picture.
  9. Yes, if you earned grades or received credit, you have to report it.
  10. Provisional acceptance is given for a number of reasons. You may need to send extra documents like transcripts before the start of the program, take a course etc. Some of the international students at my school need to take the TOEFL and send the scores before they arrived. The other reason is the committee may see your potential in the program and want to allow you to prove your worth by maintaining a B average for the specified period. It could be a semester. If you do bad, you will be dismissed. So you are accepted but only if you fulfill their condition. First, clarify what "pro
  11. I wouldn't mention it. Focus on your values and life philosophy and discuss how those can be applied to your goals in the field.
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