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  1. Yeah this happens a lot. Go with what's best for your financial status and peace of mind.
  2. Rush! Rush! Rush! It is one of the best medical SLP programs in the country!
  3. Apply to Purdue, Memphis or Texas Christian.
  4. Your body knows when it has reached its limit. You should consider cutting down some GA-ship hours or clinic assistant. Focus on learning the material. You have the next 40 years to work.
  5. I can't open your file but based on my experience when I applied, you should be fine for the middle-tier NYC schools. You may need higher for TC. Your may also need higher GPA for the CUNY schools. NYU said their minimum to be considered when I spoke to admissions is 3.5 so you're on track. NYMC and Adelphi needs around 3.6. LIU Post accepted people with sub 3.0 overall in the past but may need to have good application profile like good SOP, interview and related experience to balance it out. Yeshiva U cares about grades in the prequisited and also look at the big picture.
  6. Yes, if you earned grades or received credit, you have to report it.
  7. ImHis

    Provisional Acceptance?

    Provisional acceptance is given for a number of reasons. You may need to send extra documents like transcripts before the start of the program, take a course etc. Some of the international students at my school need to take the TOEFL and send the scores before they arrived. The other reason is the committee may see your potential in the program and want to allow you to prove your worth by maintaining a B average for the specified period. It could be a semester. If you do bad, you will be dismissed. So you are accepted but only if you fulfill their condition. First, clarify what "provisional acceptance" means from the CSD department and the Office of graduate studies. Second, ask what you NEED to do to be instated as FULL unconditional acceptance status. So it is a risk to take by accepting it. You are in limbo but if I were you, I would accept it if SLP is what you want to do. I believe in you. Study hard, network and show your clinical prowess and pray! Many people don't get this opportunity.
  8. I wouldn't mention it. Focus on your values and life philosophy and discuss how those can be applied to your goals in the field.
  9. Are there no grants and scholarships you are able to apply at your college? I was eligible for grants and got a scholarship. Also, when I was researching the field, I was advised to email the program directors and inquire for GA, TAships. Sometimes, they do not advertise because they are bogged down with administrative tasks. My director announced the job during one of our lecture, and some applied and got it.
  10. ImHis

    Need 2 prerequisites

    The courses are called: CDIS Neuroscience of Communication and CDIS Introduction to Communication Disorders https://my.enmu.edu/web/cdis/online-courses
  11. ImHis

    A bit off topic.

    I am an INFJs and I think my functions can explain why I'm here. Ni manifests a lot during therapy where I can't explain why my client is doing what but I follow it and it seems to work. My auxiliary Fe attempts to maintain harmony in the world and to make meaningful connections. I truly believe this is one reason I entered the field. My dominant function is my Ni and I think the field allows me to use it to my advantage especially those who have difficulty to communicate. I am at a phase in my life where I am starting to balance my Ti, my tertiary function and I find the science aspect of the field allows me to exercise this function. I think this explains it all
  12. It was short and the clinical director interviewed me. They asked about why you want to go to the program, what experiences you had and why SLP. Good luck!
  13. ImHis

    Need 2 prerequisites

    Take both of them at Eastern New Mexico! They are both offered in the summer.
  14. I think the maths section can be difficult for those who didn't major in maths or engineering. I majored in linguistics and in high school, I was getting 50-60% in my math courses. I suspect it may be also due to lack of confidence and I did not acquire the fundamentals early on so it became a challenge. When it came time to review for the GRE, I was overwhelmed so I chose to spend a year studying for it. I consulted some engineers and they strongly recommend getting the Barron's math review book. It goes through all the maths concepts step by step. I studied for 1 year before taking the test and I was happy with my scores in the end.
  15. When I applied to Syracuse, 190 of us were interviewed. From there, 60 were offered admissions and about 40-45 accepted.

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