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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive Hello fellows, I really need some advice on whether I should retake GRE. I only took GRE once in July and got: 152V, 153Q, 3AW and GPA is 3.54. So the numbers actually fall right on the average score published on ASHA for schools that I intend to apply. I know that being average is not competitive enough. However, since I only started my SOP and have not yet gotten LORs, I work full-time and taking two pre-requisites coming semester. Should I retake GRE just to raise the score? GRE prep is such time-consuming and stressful process, I am sure I could do little better, and possibly increase 10 points combined if I worked with a tutor. However, with my average GRE score, is it worthy of that much time, money and energy on a GRE retake? Considering I undone SOP and LORs. I have been hearing that GRE is important and not from different places, how true is that for my situation? I am really lost. Attached is a spreadsheet I made for schools that I could apply in NY area, hope this could save some of your time. SLP LIST.xlsx - SLP Master.pdf
  2. Hello fellows, Does anyone know about bilingual extension program for the master of speech pathology? Some school has bilingual extension while the others don't. I know that in NY one has to have the bilingual license to practice as a bilingual SLP. However, what if I went to a master program that doesn't offer the bilingual extension, what do I do? Do I get it some other school or I could only do bilingual with the school where I obtain the master of SLP?
  3. I'm on the same boat here. Are you looking at fall 2018 term?
  4. I read ur other posts. so are you going to LIU? I heard it's under probation. Does that affect you if you are enrolled?
  5. I speak mandarin and also one dialect (not cantones) which is very popularly spoken in both Chinatowns: Manhattan and sunset park. I really hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for sharing your story. GRE verbal score of 162 seemed to be very strong. They all say that GRE is not the only thing they look at, however, a good score does say sth about applicants. For me applying for just one school would be too risky, i might apply more than 5 schools just to make sure that I would get into one.
  7. Thank you very much for your encouragement. I just took my GRE today, it turned out V:152, Q: 153, AW is not known yet (i guess sth 3-3.5). I did better on verbal than I expected and worse on quantitative. I am not sure whether I should take it again, since I still got time. Anyways, I do see that you have quite similar stats with mine, and the schools u applied are pretty much the one I was going to apply. Did you get an interview chance in any of the CUNYs? How did they go?
  8. Hey guys, I am super stressed out about applying for Speech Language Pathology. Little background: I live in New York, graduated with BA in psychology in 2014, and working at a non-profit with children under 3 as a home-visitor for two years. I am taking pre-requisites classes and at the same time I have currently been studying for GRE with Magoosh about one month and there is no improvement on my verbal section. My practice exam score: verbal143, quantitative153, and writing probably around 3.0. My undergrad GPA was 3.54. It's so frustrating since I studied every day for more than 2 hours every single day. I don't know what I have done wrong. My math has increased but not verbal, I think it's mainly because English is not my first language. After reading many posts, I feel that my change of getting a program is nearly diminished. I don't have outstanding scores, not as closely related work experiences, nor I would do well on interviews since I get anxiety attack for it.
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