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  1. From what i remember: your name, address, email, schools you attended and what degree you got. Supervisors name, address, email, phone number. Its just one page so its fast.
  2. You have to apply right the second it opens. I suggest having all your info and supervisor emails on a word document to just copy and paste. Submitt as fast as you can .
  3. Hi! I thought classes were three times a week. Maybe i got the wrong info. I would also prefer to live in Portland and if the classes are twice a week that is even better!
  4. Yes it is a distance but I am selling my car here and leasing another one when i get there. Hawaii sounds like heaven, enjoy!
  5. yes i was lookimg on craigslist for apartments just to get an idea. I heard all the grad students ive in Hillsboro. I will spend my summer in NY then will move to Oregon August 1st. HBU?
  6. I think thats a good sign! I will be accepting I loved their program and it was my first choice.
  7. Congrats on your interviews! I got a phone call from Diana on Friday around 3: 30 offering me admission. 😃 I think they are calling more peole next week.
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