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  1. Yay! I'm working on finding housing now which has proven to be a pain!
  2. Is anyone going there?! I accepted the offer!
  3. I was accepted! I will probably be declining so maybe that will help you get in!
  4. You definitely wouldn't be the only one bringing someone. Plus, you'll have another person there to help you form an opinion of the program!
  5. Nothing from the school. I have my interview for Project INICIO next week. That's all I know! I hope to hear soon since I heard back from two schools already!
  6. I am able to check my status through that website!
  7. Thank you! Good luck to you too!
  8. Info is in my signature, but I have an interview for Project INICIO at U of Oregon.
  9. I've been getting into minimalism lately because this is the perfect time in my life for an existential crisis.
  10. I got the same email and was confused by a different part of it but sent an email to Amanda Talbert clarifying. I don't think they'd send us the email if they weren't 99% sure we were accepted. Congratulations on your accomplishment!!!
  11. Hey! I heard back on the 7th requesting an interview. I haven't heard anything from the university itself yet unfortunately.
  12. I am wondering if there are any current or former U of Oregon undergrads/grads floating around out there. Especially if you have heard about or have been a part of Project INICIO. I applied to the program as well as Project INICIO. I have a skype interview with Dr. Cycyck later this month for Project INICIO and I am looking for tips and deeper information about the program and project. I have already spoken to her last semester as well as other faculty, but I really want to make a good impression for this opportunity. Thank you in advance!!!
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