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  1. I have a question /concern. I’m female. Is it odd to refuse a male classmate to be my roommate? I would like only female roommates but a male classmate who I have yet to know asked to be a roommate...Is it harsh to say NO because he is a guy?
  2. I know very little about getting school loans. All I know is that my education will have a “nice” price. Thank you, I really appreciate your input! I wanted to check discovery. I don’t want my credit score to go down if discover looks at my credit.
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask how people are funding for grad school. I have a GA position however, I will be dependent on Loans. I am eligible for grad PLUS loan but interest rate is like 7%,which is high. Is this what I would expect average rate to be if I look for private loans? any suggestions for private loans? Aside from Sally Mae?
  4. I’m so lame. I just re-read the email it said “Katie Lardy will be in contact over the next Few weeks with more information”. Hope I didn’t create unnecessary anxiety 😅
  5. Yes! Where is the best area to live in? I don’t want to live in Portland because of traffic. What is the best way to look for housing ( online, specific website, advertisements)? I would like to be in a smoke free house hold. Do many people rent out rooms? I’d rather have an apartment and rent with other students.
  6. Okay, I emailed and got a prompt response :D! I believe someone will be getting in touch with us within the next few days for more information and that there will be a cohort page. FYI if this helps anyone. orientation is Aug 21 and first day of school Aug 26! Can’t wait to meet y’all ❤️
  7. I’m gonna do Ohio state... it costs 1,300$ . Is that a lot for this course or average for this 3 unit class. Or is there a cheaper program
  8. So, I did some stalking. The CSD department for Pacific has a face book page for current students and alumni. I don’t think a cohort page has been started. I’ll email Diana and ask if the program sets up a page or if students do it.
  9. I am going beginning of August to look for housing. I am hoping to have a room mate to reduce the costs and make friends ! I’m from SD. I too am going to NYC with my boyfriend for vacation . I’m gonna miss him so much!:( I plan to bring my car just in case. I wonder if I have to register my car to get Oregon license plate..?
  10. I will to. Do we have to send our immunization records by Monday?😅
  11. Just got an email for waitlist....I didn’t even get an interview? What? I have to accept another program in the mean time while I wait. This is terrible not knowing whether I’ll get in or not. My email did not say rank only stated if I want to stay on waitlist.
  12. I have to accept a program right now but I will drop out if I get taken off the waitlist from my no. 1 🏫 school.
  13. Same but in different Situation. I got accepted to pacific but I’m waiting on my number one. I’m gonna accept and pull out if needed for my situation.
  14. Besides getting bumped up off waitlist. Has anyone had other experiences of getting off waitlist? I knew someone who was rejected by a program but emailed the director and was later admitted to the program.
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