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  1. Hi! I would respond ASAP so they know how many people are attending. I am a first year, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  2. You’re on it girl! Thanks I’m sure it helps us all
  3. I think I’m leaning more towards having a roommate as well the more I think about it. I know @CHOCCOCO was thinking about one too so we can roommate if you girls want to? Just message me if you girls are interested Yeah I was looking at apartments and found some nice once. I found one down the street from the school and another one in Hillsboro but haven’t researched anything else. Lol
  4. I was thinking about roommates too because of cost as well, but I haven't decided yet about living alone or having a roommate(s). Girl same! It's gonna be so hard being away from my bf! That's a good questions, I know you have to in some states but idk about Oregon?
  5. Hillsboro is a distance from the campus lol i wont have any transportation out there so I'm looking into apartments closer to the campus. Same, I'm spending my summer in Hawaii and planning on moving to Oregon the 1st or 2nd weekend of August,].
  6. I think we have until July? I have an appointment this week to get my TB test so I'm hoping I didn't read it wrong
  7. I see you're from San Diego.. have you been looking into housing?
  8. Hello! 😁 Has anyone accepted their admission to Pacific University??
  9. I also received an interview invitation for 2/15!! good luck to us!
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