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  1. I'm pretty sure they said twice when I went to go interview and they are just a long 2 days. The first year I talked to lives in Portland and said her clinical is there and the drive isn't bad which I agree! Can always email Diana to double check if it is twice or 3 times!
  2. I accepted too! I'm from Arizona so definitely interested in having a roommate. I kind of was thinking more Portland area because they block our classes to be twice a week and the grad student I talked to on interview day says that's where she lives and just drives the like 40-45 minutes. I just think it would be fun to live in the city. And I'm bringing my car! Has anyone thought about making a Facebook page?
  3. @speechie264 I know I've been accepted elsewhere so it's not the stress of going to grad school! It's my last in state option and they have a bilingual program so I'm just anxious haha
  4. I've called 4 times now and every time they tell me hopefully this week but it hasn't happen. When I ask about my application itself they say it says still under review. Acceptance, rejection, and waitlist have come out so I don't know if that is good news or bad news for the remaining people.
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