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  1. Are you applying for a post-bacc/2nd bachelor's or an extended masters? I know for the 2nd bachelor's I did, there was a maximum of 5 credits that could be transferred into the program.
  2. Utah State offers all of those except Organic Disorders. 2400, 2600, and 3120 would be the courses to take. They are offered online, though 2600 you would have to do observations. When I took the course, 12 of the 25 hours had to be live but I believe now they will accept all 25 hours as videos.
  3. I retook the GRE to try & increase my quant and AW scores. I bought Magoosh and the McGraw-Hill Conquering the Math GRE book that Magoosh recommends. Total waste of money because I only increased a single point on the quant & stayed the same on AW. Not enough to make any difference in my applications.
  4. What makes you think that online programs are less competitive? Since there are so few of them (and even fewer that accept CA residents), they are typically MORE competitive than many in-person programs. Northern AZ's summers-only program *IS* less competitive than most of the online programs because you need to be a SLPA or SLP on waiver in order to apply so that limits the applicant pool.
  5. You do not need both chem AND physics, just one of those! Some grad schools will let you complete the ASHA pre-reqs during your master's but others want them on your transcript before you apply.
  6. Teletherapy is a biggie. How about this: https://www.asha.org/Careers/Market-Trends/
  7. Look at ASHA EdFind's stats because some of the schools on your list even the 157 V is average or below-average (UNC-Chapel Hill, Arizona, UTD) and coupled with a 3.7 GPA you'd need above-average GRE's to be competitive. If I were in your shoes, I'd take those 3 off your list and replace them with less-competitive programs. Sorry if that seems harsh, but unless your retake improves your scores dramatically, you're likely wasting your time and money applying to highly competitive schools.
  8. Only if you are a materialist who doesn't believe that God speaks to the saints. This is a religious question that is offensive to me as a Roman Catholic and at the very least not appropriate for this particular forum.
  9. What is your professional goal? Do you want a research career in academia or pharma? Study neuroscience or neurophysiology. Do you want to be a clinician assessing patients with brain trauma or disabilities? Study neuropsychology.
  10. Some options not already mentioned: Lindamood-Bell Tutor Respite worker for the disabled Newborn Hearing Screener CNA (requires training that at my local community college is 10 weeks)
  11. Master's programs don't tend to offer the very generous stipends that a PhD. program often will. The flip side is that they accept a LOT more students. A department might only have a handful of doctoral students but dozens or even 100+ master's students.
  12. I assume that was your freshman year, probably your first semester? I don't think I would personally waste space on that. Now a C later on in a CSD class I would definitely try to put into context if I had mitigating factors.
  13. Nothing yet. I'm assuming no news = bad news but I wish they'd just pull the trigger already.
  14. Was the school that accepted you Eastern New Mexico by any chance? How did they notify you of acceptance- phone call? Email? Trying to decode what radio silence from ENMU means.
  15. CSUN online is one of the most competitive distance ed programs out there. There are so few distance ed programs and many of the ones that do exist require time on campus or don't accept CA residents. CSUN online also guarantees admission to 100% of their post-bacc students who finish the program with a 4.0 so there's just that many fewer slots for everyone else.
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