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  1. Bonjour à tous ! I am not applying to a PhD program this year (grad school for French is now in my past), but I saw this in the "waiting" section and just had to pop in and say courage!! The Grad Café helped keep me sane during my waiting process, and I even made a friend. Take care and I hope you all get your top choices.
  2. Hello! Please bear with me. I'm a career changer and this is my first semester as a post-bac student for SLP. It's my understanding that students applying to grad school should have completed certain ASHA-required science courses (chem, bio, physics, stats and a social science). To my knowledge, all SLP graduate student applicants should have completed these and must have them before starting their fellowships. I was talking with a few of my fellow post-bac colleagues, and they have no idea what I'm talking about when I say I need my ASHA science classes. Just to confirm, we do have to have th
  3. Thank you! From what she has told me, she did have a good experience there. And of course, it's in my home town, so I'm biased, but I love it there!
  4. Hi! You caught my eye because I see you're applying to NMSU. I'm from the city and got my BA there in 2012, and a friend of mine did her graduate degree in SLP there. Good luck applying!
  5. This blows my mind, to be honest. My MA program was exclusively in French. If you spoke English, they would redirect you to French. I can certainly understand your frustration. Yes, you are expected to speak the language by that point, but why not then use and maintain it? Baffling. Anyway, perhaps you could contribute your ideas in French? That may encourage others to respond to you in French and to provide their own contributions in French, as well.
  6. Don't mind me while I die of laughter.
  7. My impatience with junk email multiplies ten-fold while waiting to hear back from schools...

    1. autumn


      I know! I unsubscribed from everything I could in November to avoid this but I get so many emails from associations etc. Aggravating.

  8. Hi everybody. It turns out I got this same email, and I checked here to see if it was unique or automatic. I'm not Art History, however; I'm in Linguistics. Good luck to everybody! Edit: In response to pastette, I study French and expressed an interest in Romance linguistics; I'm not sure if they are simply recruiting applicants for any language or if they considered me as a potential candidate for Portuguese in particular (it didn't say). Honestly, I'd love to study any of the languages on the list, hehe.
  9. Hi hellibor, From what I've noticed from these forums alone, choosing to email POIs is a personal choice. Some adamantly recommend writing POIs early; others say to avoid it. I personally choose not to contact POIs out of fear of being "needy", as you put it. My friend, who is applying to similar programs, contacted every one of her POIs as early as September; another flew to France to meet with a POI personally. It's a choice you should make based on how you feel you wish to be perceived, keeping in mind that every POI is going to be different, so there is truly no one "right" answer.
  10. Hi klader, I'm very happy to read about your passion for such a wonderful language. I was exactly where you are now -- passionate about the language and doing everything I possibly could to get better. I had the upper hand only because I had already completed AP French in high school before majoring in French in my undergrad. I'd like to add my two cents if you're open to it. You have a hand up on me because I didn't even start thinking about grad school until I was a senior and it was too late to apply. I ended up taking a year off from school (which was depressing) before applying to
  11. I'm completely on your side. Also, I love your signature. Alea iacta est is exactly how I feel during the application season. Hi OP, I'm very sorry to hear of your predicament. Grad school has that nasty tendency to fill people with doubt and frustration, myself included. I'm wondering what your intention is regarding schooling after you finish your year of leveling. You mention the school being far away but that it is designed to be like a flexible distance learning program. Are you able to complete the remainder of your schooling without the commute, or will there still be courses or wo
  12. Soleil ت

    Gainesville, FL

    Ack, sorry that nobody responded to your question. Where did you end up? Welcome to Gainesville! I didn't expect to love it here as much as I do when I moved here in Fall 2013. Hi TonyB, I haven't heard that story about Gainesville being voted as one of the "meanest cities". In fact, my experiences with Gainesville have been very, very positive. People are very friendly here (until you get on the road, in which case everybody drives like a psychopath -- natives of Gainesville have sworn to me it's because of the students who come from Miami, haha). Anyway, not sure how Florida comp
  13. A venting board! Let's just say grad school is like Hyrule. I've got my bomb bag, and I can carry 20 bombs comfortably. The problem is that I've passed all the easy temples, and now I need a bag with a bigger capacity in order to beat these new ones... but I can't find the vendor. So, I'm just runnin' around, chillin' with Epona, and I'm kind of hoping I bump into a new NPC I've never noticed before who will toss me a 30-slot bomb bag. 30-slot bomb bag, where r u thx. I'm in a really weird mood.
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