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  1. I thought I've been a terrible grad student for falling behind on assigned readings so early (even though I'm still engaged in lectures). Apparently, that could also mean that I'm mastering the art of half-assery.
  2. Thanks, @MarineBluePsy! Most of my clocks automatically adjusted for DST and I wake up at 5:45AM every day now, so I wasn't too thrown off. What I don't like is sunsets before 5PM, ugh.
  3. Awesome to see this thread still kicking. How's everyone doing? The quarter system is no joke at UChicago, but I'm really enjoying my program so far. I'm bonding well with my cohort, learning from caring and knowledgeable faculty, and gaining solid experience through my field placement! Balancing all that with two part-time jobs hasn't killed me yet.
  4. I sure hope it'd be higher than that... that was my salary range in a policy non-profit fresh out of undergrad!
  5. I'm packing all weekend long in preparation for the Wednesday move! Wednesday is also the day my job is hosting my go-away party/happy hour. It still hasn't fully sunk in that I'm closing another chapter of my life and starting another.
  6. I've always gone with PC/Windows, mainly because I'm a video gamer. My parents have since converted to Apple products, but we grew up with every iteration of Windows OS so it's what I'm most comfortable with.
  7. Thanks @hippyscientist! I've been counting down the weeks until I can 1) move out of DC, 2) get settled in Chicago and 3) really start preparing for my program. I was so excited when I got the call yesterday and learned more about the work I could be doing. How are things on your end? When are you moving stateside?
  8. Long time no talk, y'all! I hope everyone's having a great summer as we gear up to start school in the fall. Yesterday I got a call from the field education director at the social work school, and it sounds like I've already been placed with an organization! They had to confirm that I would be available for early orientation in August. The organization sounds right up my alley in terms of its mission statements and services. I'm not on campus yet, but I love walking around the city trying to guess if other people on their phone are also trying to catch Pokemon near me. I ha
  9. I've been trying (and failing) to wind down tasks at my job. My two-year work anniversary is this Friday, which also means two weeks until I move to Chicago! Once I'm up there, I'll have another 5-6 weeks before orientation to unpack, explore the neighborhoods and get accustomed to my new home. I just need to get past that dreaded moving weekend.
  10. One of my friends (also a GradCafe user) was admitted to the UCLA PhD program this application cycle. They offered my friend no guaranteed first-year funding. That was pretty troubling information to hear from a department.
  11. You've been provided an abundance of substantive feedback from the users above, so I'll just add a congratulations for your acceptances! At this point, don't feel pressured about making a "wrong" decision; both MSW programs are very strong in research, faculty and networks. Follow the advice described in the previous posts, and I'm sure you'll make the best choice for your academic and career goals.
  12. Don't feel stupid for going with your decision. You did your research, compared program fit, faculty and resources. You have made a decision that you feel is the best thing for your and your future studies/career. I turned out a full ride at one program for another that offered barely 25% tuition coverage. No regrets!
  13. I don't think it would be worth the effort. It isn't a requirement, and a number of MSW programs don't even require the general GRE exam on their application. I would focus on writing strong application essays instead.
  14. I don't know if your MPP program has a joint degree option with a law school, but it would seem like an easier plan, logistically speaking, than completing both degrees separately. I would look into your program and see if there are courses, certificates, and faculty that tailor to your legal interests; maybe you can flesh those out without having to earn another degree. I can't speak to earning a JD, so I can only advise some introspection into the career paths you'd really like to be in down the line. From your post, I'm not really sure how serious you are about going into the lega
  15. I've just submitted a request to withdraw my grad housing application, so I hope that somehow helps one of y'all in need! I managed to find an apartment listed on the Marketplace that's right across the street from the professional school buildings. Has anyone looking into the university's credit union, Maroon Financial? I currently bank with BoA, but I may open a credit card with Maroon. https://www.maroonfinancial.org/home.htm
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