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  1. @rhiannonsdreams I'm not a history major, but as far as your initial classes they should be more seminar/theory based versus practice. @telkanuru is right as it does depend on what you and the department academic advisor come to the conclusion of. 9 credit hours is definitely appropriate (my advisor suggested 12 and I wasn't sure if I could handle that right away). Would you suggest emailing your professors prior to class beginning or just wait until they start @telkanuru? I want to begin reading and preparing myself, but don't want to come across as too eager lol.
  2. @T-Tatum, @maddiller3, and @annac94 will you all be attending the new graduate student orientation on august 10?
  3. Thanks so much @MarineBluePsy!! I'll have to check those out. I've been debating between getting a desktop or a new laptop and just utilizing computer labs like you said. A lot of friends have recommended Mac Books, but those prices are definitely intimidating lol. I'm still looking to find a refurbished one. I have a Chromebook right now, but when I'm on the go without wifi - it's practically useless. One of the main reasons I want a laptop is because I'll be commuting via train and bus.
  4. @Pink Fuzzy Bunny, goodness knows I have been trying to land a job at my school. I'm trying to find a job that will work with my school schedule and it has been a task so far lol. @lovekilledinos, I've realized that my school has never accepted this many new students at one time before, so they seem to be slightly overwhelmed. It feels like I'm in limbo, I'm not sure if I should go ahead and read the textbooks or find some journals to read in my spare time. @eternallyephemeral, oooh, I heard Boston is a great city to visit. I know you'll have fun! Congrats on publishing, it sounds like you're super busy! It's been so weird to be idle. I'm so ready to begin class. I can only imagine with apartment hunting @EveryDay. It took my fiance and I about 3 months to find an apartment that is in a safe neighborhood and in a central location between our two schools. Not looking forward to house hunting when that comes around in a few months lol. Sounds a lot like my summer @MarineBluePsy. I've had plenty of setbacks, Where did you move to? Exactly @maelia8!! Being on "go-mode" and constantly working is something that I am so used to. Hopefully you can find some down time in between all of that to enjoy Arizona @vonham. It sounds like you will be extremely busy. @janetjanejune, I definitely wanted to travel this summer. I'm hoping I'm able to either during winter break or next summer on my own time or through a study abroad program. How do you like your internship so far? Spring didn't end until June?! Oh my! Your internship hours sound perfect to me lol; although, I'm not the most functional person without coffee at that time @shadowclaw.
  5. Wow everyone seems so much more productive than me lol. My fiance and all of my friends have been telling me just to enjoy this break and down time because it'll be gone before I know it lol. I've been bingewatching as well, getting settled into my new apartment, submitting all final documents with school, and planning a wedding (woohoo... not lol). Other than that, I've had my fingers crossed about a grad assistantship I applied for and training to become a HIV/AIDS counselor.
  6. Hey everyone! Any suggestions on the best kind of laptop to buy for grad school? Or would it be a better investment to purchase an actual PC? Does anyone still have a PC? Lol. Also, when would you suggest buying books? My booklist is available already and not too expensive surprisingly.
  7. How has everyone been spending their summer so far? Any amazing festivals, concerts, or trips? Are you getting ahead in your studies? Are you spending the summer working?
  8. @Need Coffee in an IV that's exactly what I was thinking. If I don't get it this time around, I'll get to know faculty and current GA's and TA's to see if they have any advice. I have a feeling that I may be a strong applicant *fingers crossed* @maelia8 thank you so much! I went and combed through the application to make sure I provided everything that is relevant lol. I was told we'll hear back from the school sometime in July.
  9. @serenade great, thank you! I was able to incorporate that into my application and resume. @marycaryne congratulations!!! and thank you for the tips. It's definitely reassuring. I have experience in community health promotion (which is what my concentration will be in the MPH program). All of the classes that I've taken related to that during undergrad, I successfully completed. Did the global merchandising department specifically say how long it would take for them to review applications? I know not all schools are the same, but my school (Georgia State University) didn't specify when they would notify and grant the assistantships.
  10. Hi all! I was recently sent an email from my school to complete an application for a GA position. I don't have any former research experience, but I currently work as an library assistant and have been a tutor and teacher in the past - just some background info on me. Do you all have any tips or advice on how to make my application a bit stronger? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all! I was recently sent an email from my school to complete an application for a GA position. I don't have any former research experience, but I currently work as an library assistant and have been a tutor and teacher in the past - just some background info on me. Do you all have any tips or advice on how to make my application a bit stronger? Thanks in advance!
  12. @chugh, thanks for the input how did you like your first year? honestly. i'm ready for august to come around lol. it feels weird not having to worry about classes. @themmases, awesome! i already started a small collection from undergrad with some epi, biostats, and grant writing books. i just had a hunch that for the required research methods classes that i have, it would probably be best to go ahead and buy epi and biostats related books. i'm hoping my professors are generous enough to provide that sort of information or at least remember to share it on blackboard lol. thank you so much!!
  13. Hey everyone! I've been trying to decide whether to rent or buy my textbooks. This upcoming fall will be my first year in grad school and I'm taking three intro classes (Epi, Biostats, and Intro to Healthcare). My concentration is health promotions, but I am interested in switching it to epidemiology. I'm still in the process of getting a feel of what I want to do as part of me would love to research, but the other part of me wants to open a non-profit based on what I've learned in health promotions. Should I buy all books related to health promotions and epidemiology and rent all other books related to specific concentrations? My booklist is available, should I email my professors regarding the syllabus?
  14. Drake comes to Atlanta the same day that I begin grad school.  Decisions, decisions lol. 

  15. I've really got to work on second guessing myself. 

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