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  1. I am researching graduate programs and am trying to find something that fits my growing interest in the field of humanitarianism, human rights, disaster response, etc. while also addressing my passion for anthropology and global public health. USF has an MA-or-PhD/MPH option combining these things, but I'm having some trouble finding many other universities that offer extensive training and education in all three areas. Another factor making this search a bit difficult for me is my interest in focusing on infectious diseases. Can anyone out there offer any advice in where else I could look? Thanks in advance!!
  2. spoitier

    Looking for biocultural/medical anth programs

    Does anyone have any opinions on USF? I like the idea of their MA/MPH option, their field school/study abroad options in both anth and public health, their biocultural medical anthro concentration...but it is a good school and program? Would I be able to get into a good school for a PhD if I decide to go somewhere else after master's?
  3. spoitier

    Looking for biocultural/medical anth programs

    Thank you all for your responses! You have definitely given me more to think about, as I have never even thought about looking at some of the school you mentioned! Thanks again
  4. Hi everyone! I am currently a senior studying anthropology and am currently looking into grad schools but having a bit of trouble finding a lot of schools/POI that fit what I want to study. My interests: biocultural medical anthropology public health infectious diseases (particularly HIV/AIDS and STIs) epidemiology community/population health international fieldwork/study abroad options possibly MPH/PhD or MPH/MA programs I've looked a lot at University of Washington (Seattle), University of Pittsburgh, Case Western, University of Southern Florida (which doesn't have a whole lot of focus on STIs/HIV but I like their dual degree options and study abroads). I'm also considering getting my MPH first and then going on for a PhD in anthro, since some schools like seeing a master's degree first. This option would also broaden my scope of schools. But my main question here is what other schools do you recommend for me to research? Any advice or tips from people studying similar things? Anyone out there with a PhD in anth work for the CDC or something similar? Thank you all in advance!

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