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  1. Got into USF's MA [and MPH]! This is my first choice, but I've been waitlisted for funding. I'm a little bummed since I thought I was pretty qualified for a TA/RA position due to one year of TA and 3+ years of RA experience in undergrad...oh well, maybe some money will become available soon! This is my third offer so far without guaranteed funding, so I'm toying with the idea of another year off if nothing pans out (I'm already at a year and a half out of school at the moment). I don't know how comfortable I feel taking out more loans and hoping I get offered more money after my first semester. Does anyone have experience negotiating for funding either after being told it might not be available? Is this possible? Alternatively, is there a way to make my application more competitive for $$ next cycle? Just improve overall as already mentioned and make schools want me more?
  2. Thank you @perpetualalligator! I did email them and the program director responded very quickly, saying that state funding has been lacking and that's why the department doesn't offer much. I applied with the understanding that they don't offer full funding, but their website mentioned merit scholarships and TA/RA opportunities, which weren't mentioned in my acceptance email. After further questioning, it sounds like I could get a TA position after doing well in my core courses and could qualify for more scholarships after my first semester as well. Overall the faculty have been amazingly kind, responsive, and willing to find people to answer questions they don't have answers to themselves, and I like the courses and the applied/community focus of the program, but I'd likely take a funded program over this one (if I even get any funding packages lol).
  3. Accepted to UC Denver's MA!! The PI I mentioned in my application is apparently in the process of retiring (although he didn't mention it during our conversations before I submitted my application...) but there are other faculty interested in working with me. They would like me to respond by March 29 so they can start the onboarding process. No mention of funding or travel stipend/open house info (in their acceptance email, Maryland offered a $200 travel stipend to visit, and their open house is later this week). Does anyone have any insight into this program?
  4. Received rejections from Florida and Oregon State last week (not super surprised because they weren't the best matches, I was just shooting my shot) BUT I was accepted into Maryland's MAA this morning! Waitlisted for funding, though. Anyone out there have experience with UMD and their funding? My email was the same. It also listed off 5 reasons someone may have been denied, which felt like nails in the coffin lol so thanks Florida
  5. I'm applying to MA programs in medical anthropology at Georgia State, Maryland, Colorado-Denver, Oregon State, Alaska, and the MA/MPH (epidemiology) dual-degree program at South Florida. I submitted all my application at the beginning of December, and now I'm just waiting on a few final LORs! Good luck everyone!
  6. Hello all! I am getting ready to start getting stuff together for this upcoming app cycle and could use some advice. I am going to apply to programs in anthropology and public health this winter for fall 2019 matriculation (dual programs and schools that just offer both degrees separately). I was thinking of applying only to master’s programs because I don’t know if I’ll get in to any PhD programs right off the bat, but my undergrad research advisor thinks I should apply straight to PhD programs. I really do want to get my PhD and it would be nice not to have to spend more money than I need to, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get in without publications and a specific research topic. I know what I want to study and do research on (medical anth, epidemiology, infectious diseases, epidemics and outbreaks, sexual health, disease mapping, water-borne diseases), but I don’t have a super specific question/dissertation topic decided yet. Some background: I graduated May 2017 with BA Anthropology, biomedical science and public health-related minors, 3.5 GPA. 158V 157Q 4.0 GRE (I could definitely improve this if needed. I’d rather not have to spend the money but I can make it work). I am a current AmeriCorps VISTA and spent 6 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer as well (yay medical separation)—both positions in the public health field—and have tons of other public health education experience. I was a research assistant for my anth programs for 2.5-3 years on projects related to health demography/historical epi, maternal and child health, osteology and paleopathology; was a TA for 5ish classes; did clinical lab health research on parasites. I have 2 strong letters of rec lined up (anth professor/research advisor/mentor and a biomedical science professor/mentor) but am still deciding on who the third should be. No publications (yet—maybe this year) but a dozen posters and paper presentations under my belt. For reference, these are the schools I’m potentially applying to: University of Washington, University of South Florida, University of Iowa, University of Hawai’i, University of Kentucky, Emory University, University of Florida, University of Connecticut [and possibly Mississippi State University, University of South Carolina, Oregon State University, especially if I only go for a masters] My advisor thinks I’ll get in to PhD programs but, honestly, he’s been out of grad school for a while and may be a little biased when it comes to his students. I know that the schools and professors themselves would be the best gauge of whether I’ll get accepted or not but I just wanted to see what fellow [hopeful, future, current] grad students thought! Any tips, concerns, reality-checks are greatly welcome! Thank you!!!
  7. I am researching graduate programs and am trying to find something that fits my growing interest in the field of humanitarianism, human rights, disaster response, etc. while also addressing my passion for anthropology and global public health. USF has an MA-or-PhD/MPH option combining these things, but I'm having some trouble finding many other universities that offer extensive training and education in all three areas. Another factor making this search a bit difficult for me is my interest in focusing on infectious diseases. Can anyone out there offer any advice in where else I could look? Thanks in advance!!
  8. Does anyone have any opinions on USF? I like the idea of their MA/MPH option, their field school/study abroad options in both anth and public health, their biocultural medical anthro concentration...but it is a good school and program? Would I be able to get into a good school for a PhD if I decide to go somewhere else after master's?
  9. Thank you all for your responses! You have definitely given me more to think about, as I have never even thought about looking at some of the school you mentioned! Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone! I am currently a senior studying anthropology and am currently looking into grad schools but having a bit of trouble finding a lot of schools/POI that fit what I want to study. My interests: biocultural medical anthropology public health infectious diseases (particularly HIV/AIDS and STIs) epidemiology community/population health international fieldwork/study abroad options possibly MPH/PhD or MPH/MA programs I've looked a lot at University of Washington (Seattle), University of Pittsburgh, Case Western, University of Southern Florida (which doesn't have a whole lot of focus on STIs/HIV but I like their dual degree options and study abroads). I'm also considering getting my MPH first and then going on for a PhD in anthro, since some schools like seeing a master's degree first. This option would also broaden my scope of schools. But my main question here is what other schools do you recommend for me to research? Any advice or tips from people studying similar things? Anyone out there with a PhD in anth work for the CDC or something similar? Thank you all in advance!
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