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  1. Strong LORs stemming from my experiences doing undergraduate research (2/3) and doing six months of field work after undergrad (1/3). I think they spoke to my flexibility and dedication to doing a good job. Then during this gap year, I've been able to find the words to better articulate what motivates me to keep going. These things made me a strong applicant. Now I think I was actually admitted to one place because I was connected with a younger researcher who's wanting to put PhD students in his lab and not just post-docs and undergrads. So you know, networking and timing are important. The other place, I think we happened to connect pretty deeply on the core questions we want to address in the field and it also happened to be his turn to get students. So timing again.
  2. First, congrats on your acceptances! That's awesome! Man, there are just so many things to consider. Have you been able to visit both campuses? How about talking with current grad students? I don't know engineering at these schools, but you do hear stories about how some labs differ in how collaborative vs competitive they can be. And when you say similar funding, I guess this also means comparable resources for conferences, health insurance, or even moving costs? In defense of West Lafayette, Indy and its airport aren't terribly far away (I believe I've even seen a Purdue shuttle on 65 that runs between Indy and Chicago), and the lower cost of living is definitely a benefit. About research, how much have you interacted with the UMich PI vs the potential PIs at Purdue? I keep asking all these questions (and I'm sure you've been asking yourself some too) because it seems like it might come down to a feeling here which can be scary.
  3. Hey, I know I'm really late to this but I thought I'd jump on since I'm also wondering how to word this email haha. FIrst, we are completely entitled to ask about the money as it's a BIG thing, but yeah, gotta be delicate about the wording. I think I've seen in past posts that saying you have other offers to consider is helpful to contextualize your circumstances for them, but you don't have to name the programs and their funding if you don't want to. I don't know if you have to mention they're your first choice but you're excited about the prospect of going. I don't know if you need it anymore, but in case someone else comes along to read this...
  4. @Loop No word from NYU, but I met someone who is interviewing at CUNY soon, like within a couple weeks? So unfortunately your suspicion might be correct. Never know for sure until that letter comes though... Just waiting on it from NYU myself at this point. Congrats about UCLA!! That's awesome!!!
  5. manicape


    Yes!! Definitely go for it. Never miss a chance for more money! And they do give a little feedback, so you might be able to incorporate that other grant apps down the road even if it doesn't work out.
  6. manicape


    I don't have insider knowledge, but I did apply for the GRFP my senior year of undergrad. From what I can tell, a less-than-stellar undergrad transcript probably won't factor much because like you said, you've done better in the (much more difficult) graduate coursework. I think they measure where you are now as a student as where you are going. Above all, NAIL broader impacts... Holy hell did that kill my application.
  7. @charliekkk Hey, I'm also bioanth (sorry!) but I'd like to reinforce what you've heard so far; i.e. that "holistic strength crowned with fit is the way to go." From what I've seen, any experience you can get that can go beyond the typical "did well in class" situation will put you miles ahead. It shows that you have dedication and have started the process of figuring out what kind of work you're comfortable doing. I know some people adore being in the field and others want a more mixed experience, etc. Of course, this can also be a financial burden since anthro isn't exactly known for paid internships... But that's just one piece of the puzzle. I think that the writing sample, even if it's not perfect, can highlight different aspects of your education. Mine was styled after a Leakey Grant proposal, so even if it was a bit naive in the scope of its research (seriously, I think I included enough to last someone a lifetime of data collection), it showed off skills in grant writing. It can do a lot to show how well you can synthesize existing research or your precise involvement in a project, especially since you don't always get a lot of space in the SOP to elaborate. As for interdisciplinary approaches, it's my personal belief this can only enhance your work, but everything will ultimately depend on fit. You can be a great student, and they can really want you, but if there isn't someone in the department that feels like you would be a good fit within their research, you probably won't be accepted. Happened to me last year 😕
  8. No problem @Umairrasheed!! I tried to search through old emails to see how long it took in between the heads up and the official notification, but it seems like I deleted all that old stuff ? I can tell you that they notified me of my rejection on Feb 9 last year, so they will at least be making those decisions soon apparently. And it looks like some people were notified of acceptances around the same time the rejects went out but I can't say for sure how it'll go this year. Sorry I can't give more info! I wish you the best of luck!
  9. Hey @Umairrasheed, when I applied there last year, I recall getting an email like that. It drove me crazy because I was checking the status every half hour after that point. But they eventually sent a separate email anyway.
  10. Just had another interview ? Here are some more questions! Why anthropology? What are some obstacles that you've faced, personal or professional, that you've managed so far?
  11. Hey @jp5125, I've done a couple Skype interviews at this point. Your intuition is right; they are probably going to ask about why you think their program is a good fit for your interests, and even though I don't think you need to remember every small detail of the resources you can find online, know generally what their site says about labs, collabs, consortiums (nycep?), and equipment. Have those pitches practiced and polished. "What can you tell us about yourself?" "What can you bring to our department?" "What kind of work, in what region of the world, with whom do you see yourself practicing in the future?" And any research or field school or any experience at all that you've done in the past, KNOW IT WELL. And then be prepped with questions yourself. I didn't do so well on my first interview last cycle because I kind of bumbled through questions. My POI went into her own spiel about what work would be like so I was like... welp there go all my questions. And I really should have seen it coming. Basic questions about community culture and work environment, what they think about their program's balance between coursework, research, and teaching, and how they mentor their students (hand's off to breathing over your shoulder and anywhere in between) are good places to start. There are lots of good threads on this site, I think someone linked to this earlier from the psych forum but I'll put it here again. And I wish you the BEST OF LUCK!!!! So exciting you'll be able to talk with your potential advisor!!!
  12. @Lemonsour123 Congrats! I have a friend going there, and they're loving it!
  13. I'm bioanthro myself, and it's my second time applying to programs... I sent apps to UFlorida, NYU (like many others here I see), and Kent State. Good luck everyone!
  14. I was just curious about who my fellow 2019 anthro applicants are. What subfield are you in? Subject interests? Thoughts on public anthropology? (this was a big thing a my uni last spring, at least) I'd love to know! I'm in bioanth, and I really want to how nonhuman primates move and groove. And if Alec Baldwin hosting the US release of Walking with Cavemen didn't make huge waves in public opinion of bioanth then I don't know what will. /sarcasm This is my second round, so I've been through the drudgery before. I'm wishing everyone the best!
  15. I'm going to agree with loffire. You might think it unfair since you were finally able to have success doing a degree you enjoyed, but the online degree with seemingly no personal interaction with professors (like where they get to know you and your motivations and your interests) is probably not going to deliver many acceptances. I will be the first to admit I'm not familiar with online programs, especially not in your area, but in general grad programs want evidence that you can do the work. I think if you apply now while being so unsure about things will only waste your application money. So take a year, get in contact with these programs and see what they want from their students, and get more relevant experience. Hopefully you'll feel more confident applying then. Good luck!!
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