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  1. Fels is intensely domestic, very Northeastern-oriented. Some would say if you don't plan on pursuing jobs in the Northeast to stay away. Very different from the internationally oriented Lauder.
  2. I always assume double-spaced for anything application related. Nobody wants to read single-spaced printed text imo
  3. I see, thank you! So here I am again hoping/praying that my MD will be the strongest bait for good money. I'm not going to add to my med school debt load for some public service degree lol. Woody Woo it is!
  4. If the amount of debt you have to take on exceeds the average salary you'll get coming out of school, turn it down. I have a huge number of friends in the env space and they'll all tell you that there is no rush for a graduate degree. Especially if you can't get into one of the big 4 env schools, it's a no-brainer to turn it down imo
  5. How hard is it to get and how rare are full or near full scholarships with or without guaranteed teaching requirements? Talking about MPP
  6. It's about QS. Fletcher is a solid school. Tufts just doesn't have the goodies that the other host universities have (name of Harvard, Gtown, Columbia, etc.) But Fletcher is known
  7. When do you want to go to school? 2017 or 2018? If you are okay with going to school next year, apply int'l now. If you actually only want to start school in 2018, wait. If you'd only be willing to start school earlier if you get into the top int'l programs, apply now. You're overthinking this a little I think.
  8. Don't think you'll have a problem as long as your SOP is coherent and exudes maturity, as well as strong LORs. Straight through people are expected to have top marks which you obviously do, so the biggest hurdle is done I would say.
  9. Yes I can. One cannot say that since the JD is so prominent in people holding these positions, the JD must have some intrinsic advantage over other degrees. That is inaccurate in our current state of affairs. In a past generation, when those people went to school, there were not established MPP/MPA or MA programs they could go to. Interested generally in policy? JD it was. Interested in running for office? JD it was. Now? There is no reason to advise someone who has no interest in being a lawyer to go for the JD with the plethora of other options. It is a monumental opportunity cost that could
  10. Taking out loans to fully finance any public service degree is a bad idea for anyone. If you don't get any money this year, try the next. Grad school's not going anywhere
  11. At the very least people generally won't doubt your quant skills. Not that all finance people are great at it, but it seems like you would be.
  12. IME you don't become a specialist in school. You pick up the skills every generalist needs and get some specialized knowledge in order to move into a highly specialized job to further hone your concentration. I wouldn't be concerned about a school's specialty in a country at this stage quite so fervently.
  13. You're concerned that Fels won't be applicable if you want to go into public service? The entire curriculum is built for people who want to go into public service. Which of the core classes don't you think would be helpful for you?
  14. Everybody checks the funding consideration box. You're looking for an explanation of something mysterious and ultimately non consequential.
  15. Also, every single U.S. citizen can pay for the entire program themselves. It's called guaranteed federal loans. "Cash cow" programs are those that are widely known to not give out any aid precisely because there is little excuse for anyone to say they cannot afford it; the answer is to go into debt. It's not necessarily that they're making estimations as to who will pay the cost and who will not. They just don't give out aid and you can either suck it up or go for the degree. Plenty of people prefer the degree.
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