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  1. Hello! I saw that the courses are out for 17/18 I was wondering if anyone knew where we could look up professors and or courses? Looking to read reviews from previous students (if this exists for grad school). I used to do this in undergrad
  2. I have received funding to some programs and not others, and have been looking into outside funding sources. I was hoping to hear some advice from others who have received outside funding. It would be great to find any helpful blog posts or sites to locate $$. I am not really sure where to begin or look - any advice appreciated!
  3. Is anyone else considering this program ? I have been trying to find more information on it and how it compares to the more usual east coast schools. I am also weighing this versus SAIS, Harris, SIPA with $$ funding at SAIS and $ at Harris. Any thoughts ?
  4. Received 24k fellowship for first year - which I was pretty excited about. Especially with hks ding this week. How is sais generally viewed in terms of financial aid ?
  5. Receive fellowship info - anyone else?
  6. Hi everyone - I wanted to see if anyone else applied to this program and when they anticipate a decision. From previous years it looks like maybe later next week
  7. Didn't submit until February I haven't received much funding from other schools so highly doubtful I would have gotten anything from SIPA
  8. Is everyone expecting SAIS DC decisions to come out today as well ?
  9. In for MPA Econ track ... no funding but applied after the Jan 7 deadline
  10. Received acceptance this morning ... nothing in funding and somehow application was reviewed w missing recommendation letter. I really like this program, especially the flexibility but the location is tough.. whats everyone else think?
  11. Surprised this didn't come out today (or maybe it still will ?) when is everyone anticipating the news ?
  12. Did they announce Friday night as the notification date ? Do you know what time? Anxiously anticipating as well !
  13. portal changes very confusing. i think everyone ended up receiving the harvard key email... at least we didnt hear from anyone who didnt
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