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  1. TuDream

    International Affairs rankings

    Can you please elaborate this "another story" please. I had a hard time deciding if I should go for MPAID at Kennedy (0$)
  2. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    I reviewed last year's financial report, which mentioned that 44% MPA/IDs received funding. I think people who got funding did not use this forum? It is really a tough decision given the financial hardship
  3. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    I only got less than $100 compensation...
  4. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    Same here. I assume it means that I was not selected
  5. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    Had a hard time thinking about if MPA/ID worth 100k loan..sigh
  6. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    I just got my finaid email, pointing me to the finaid system where it indicates "we were not able to offer you assistance" . Well, right now making a decision becomes harder
  7. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    I think they will coordinate with program first. From what I learned in last year's forum, people got notified after the decision is released.
  8. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    From 2017 statistics on World Bank website. 5 or 6 (I forget the exact number) received the scholarship, I assume there would be at least 12 or so got nominated. Columbia SIPA program usually nominate around 30 people and 12 people got selected. So I assume HKS will follow the similar rules.
  9. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    MPA/ID here as well. As far as I know, for partnership program, around half of nominated applicant will receive this scholarship.
  10. TuDream

    HKS 2019

    I guess, at this time, no email means not being selected?

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