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  1. HKS confirms that the GRE/GMAT will be required of those applying to the MPA/ID this cycle. https://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/631261704288911360/2021-application-long-term-planning-series-post
  2. Is the personal history/diversity essay new?
  3. Does anyone know of any comparable programs (both in terms of content and prestige), either in the US or in Europe? Only the Princeton MPA's econ track seems to be close in the US and there certainly doesn't seem to be anything similar in Europe.
  4. That is only for the PhD programs (so far, they might announce the change for master's programs soon)
  5. Thanks! Where'd you hear about this virtual session?
  6. Ok this is getting ridiculous. I can't believe they still haven't posted the application...
  7. I haven't done too much research on this (just a 5 second google search, I'm at work right now lol) but the first I found was Berkeley Hass's numbers. While they did report a rise in applications relative to last year (up ~5%, from 3,450 in 2019 to 3,636 in 2020), the number is still way below what it was in 2017: 4132. This actually looks like pretty great news for those of us applying this cycle! Seems like while admissions will be more competitive than last year, they'll still be significantly less competitive than usual. Edit: actually the more I look into it the less promising
  8. Why would he kiss SAIS goodbye? It's not exactly hard to get in, he's got DC IR experience at a well known institution, and he could probably take a couple of classes of Calc before starting next fall. I'm starting to have a little doubt that this application cycle will change much given how likely it's looking that Covid will last for most of 2021 as well.
  9. He means the 3-4 HKS specific essays you have to write for every program.
  10. The 99.9% applies to any professional program, it wasn't in any way meant as an indictment of SAIS. It's a very good school.
  11. If Harris really is your number one then I think you would benefit a lot from taking a second calculus course if you still have time. Also you don't have to "explain away" an A-. If you can get a better letter from someone else then that would probably help you more. You would also obviously benefit from a year or two of real work experience, but I think you know that already.
  12. To the MPA/ID? Nice! What's your background? It seems like around 60% of the class usually majored in economics, so a lot of my stress with this program definitely stems from having a political science background.
  13. Love how you complain about me linking an opinion article (that cites multiple studies) and then you link to a blog that cites opinion articles. Good job.
  14. This is a common misconception. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/no-one-likes-the-sat-its-still-the-fairest-thing-about-admissions/2019/03/22/5fa67a16-4c00-11e9-b79a-961983b7e0cd_story.html "It has become a mantra in some quarters to assert that standardized tests measure wealth more than intellectual ability or academic potential, but this is not actually the case. These tests clearly assess verbal and mathematical skills, which a century of psychological science shows are not mere reflections of upbringing. Research has consistently found that ability tests like the SAT and t
  15. A little, but honestly I don't care. What bothers me is that this feels like the third time I (or someone else) try to start a conversation about a program and you come in and make it all about the GRE. It's really the only thing you seem to ever post about. No, HKS hasn't changed their GRE requirement yet. And you would know this if you took the 5 seconds it takes to open up their website and check. Even if they did get rid of it for other programs, there's a 99% chance they won't do it for the MPA/ID because they've made clear that it's an important part of the application for this spec
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