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  1. Just want to add that I asked the admissions office and they confirmed that you're right. They said they plan on emailing people who were awarded funding soon to clarify. Thanks!
  2. I understand that they have the right to not renew it for whatever reason they want, but I was more hoping to find out if it really ever happens to students who don't fall into categories like the one you mentioned (ex. academic dishonesty/performance). As in, if I maintain a decent GPA and don't violate any rules, how confident should I be that they'll renew the offer? Thanks to you or anyone else who can answer!
  3. Both my decision and funding letters were just posted to my portal, but that was for MPP, so maybe DSPP funding will come out later? Also, my funding only listed information for the first two semesters, and Georgetown's site says that offers are decided on a year-to-year basis and aren't necessarily renewable. Does anyone have more information about that? They gave me a good offer for the first year, but I wouldn't want to accept it and then find out they're not offering me anything for the second year.
  4. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has any insider info on when results will be coming out for the first round, since I couldn't find anything in past threads. Anyone know if they just all drop on the 15th, or do they trickle in before that?
  5. Yeah, imo they should at least publish 5-year averages. The fact that we don't even know the ballpark for nearly any top programs is kind of absurd. Like you said, could be 5% (or less), could be 20% (or more). I understand that they fluctuate from year to year, but surely an average of 5/8/10/whatever years is better than literal radio silence since 2010.
  6. Just in case anyone else was wondering about the CEG fellowship, I asked in an email, and the admissions office said they wouldn't pick the candidates until the spring.
  7. I applied for a CEG fellowship but there was no mention of it in my acceptance letter or financial aid offer. Does anyone know if that means I definitely didn't get it? Or do those decisions/information come separately? I won't be mad if I didn't get it, but I expected a straightforward yes or no.
  8. Applying EA as well, thanks for the inside info! It'd be great to have good news to share with the fam on Turkey Day.
  9. In case anyone hasn't seen, the application is now available and the deadline is December 8th: https://www.hks.harvard.edu/admissions-aid/masters-program-admissions/how-apply
  10. They have a schedule here: https://www.hks.harvard.edu/admissions-aid/masters-program-admissions/admissions-events/virtual-sessions They do several versions of every type so hopefully one will fit your schedule!
  11. I was just in an HKS virtual information session and they said it would be up in early to mid October, so hopefully they push the deadline back as well.
  12. I don't really have any knowledge on the topic, but I would imagine it's probably a combination of the terrible location (both from a weather/culture perspective and a career perspective) compared to other top schools as well as the perceived decrease in prestige in the Syracuse brand vs names like Harvard/Princeton/Columbia. I think Indiana is pretty high on a lot of rankings too and suffers from similar issues.
  13. Thank you @GradSchoolGrad! Don't think I've ever been called dangerous before, haha. And yes, HKS>Harris>Duke in terms of their fit for me was my thinking as well. Also agree about think tanks, when I interned there it was made pretty clear that non-PhDs usually only stay there for a couple of years and then move on to the public sector/other nonprofit work, but I'd be fine doing that. Thanks for the tips on federal government inroads as well. I'll be sure to take a look at those.
  14. Hi everyone, long time lurker, all that nonsense. Any advice is welcome! Applying to: Chicago Harris MPP, Georgetown McCourt MPP, Duke Sanford MPP, Harvard Kennedy MPP, NYU Wagner MSPP (and American as a backup if I don't get accepted w/ a decent aid offer from Georgetown or Harris, since they're the ones that release results before American's deadline) Undergrad institution: Non-HYP Ivy Undergrad Major: Government, Minor in Public Policy Undergrad GPA: 3.81 (haven't calculated major GPA separately, but it's probably pretty close) Years out of undergrad: 1, will be 2
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