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  1. I actually am in a somewhat similar situation and think I have made up my mind to go to McCourt, although I have the additional factor of already living in DC and being able to do McCourt's program part-time and keep my job. I think you're right that if you want to work in the federal government McCourt and Harris seem to stack up pretty equally (although maybe a bit less so for the PMF program as @went_away mentioned). Also I'm not sure what your background is, but if you haven't had experience with the federal government already the opportunity to get that experience through internships duri
  2. I just got notified that my account had been updated and it was my aid! Assuming they will be trickling in but hopefully some of you got some updates as well!
  3. Anyone hear back about scholarship reconsideration yet?
  4. I am from the US!
  5. Also got the call today! The rep said acceptance emails (with funding info) would likely go out Tuesday.
  6. Yeah I was wondering if that might be the case. Kind of surprised that they gave me as much as they did, then. Guess it can't hurt to try, but I won't get my hopes up. Thanks for the insight!
  7. Okay good to know, thanks! Yes, I have seen your posts, they've been very helpful. Financially (and for personal reasons), staying in DC and doing grad school part time while remaining in my full time job is looking like the best option for me, which obviously limits my options. I think Georgetown is the best of those options because I hope to continue doing data heavy policy work in the future, and of course I'm hoping the Georgetown "brand" and network will be at least a little helpful in the future too. That being said, if GW offers substantially more funding I would definitely reconsider.
  8. Thanks to the both of you for your responses! That sounds pretty simple. Is it best to do it soon or wait until they've sent out most of their decisions? I was waiting to hear back from GW anyway to see if the funding might help with negotiating, but it sounds like that may not be helpful anymore. I'm surprised they aren't doing negotiating based on other offers considering how expensive they are. Was kind of banking on using slightly higher aid from Harris to negotiate, although it's probably not a big enough jump to make a difference (however I think it should because it's a better scho
  9. Has anyone tried negotiating funding or know when/how to go about doing that?
  10. Program Applied To: MPP Schools Applied To: Harris, McCourt (evening program), Sanford, Trachtenberg Schools Admitted To: Harris(~40% funding), McCourt(~33%) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Sanford, Trachtenberg Undergraduate GPA: 3.54 Undergraduate Major: Economics & Psychology GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: 155/162/4.5 (only submitted to McCourt) Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 2.5 (3 by the time program starts) Years of Work Experience: 2.5/3 - 3.5/4 if you count econ research assistantship during undergrad Describe Rel
  11. I haven't gotten an email so I wasn't expecting anything, but I just checked the portal and I'm in!
  12. I got a text about 30 min ago saying "Admissions decisions are being released soon via email," but nothing yet...
  13. @joshyboy In one of the info sessions they mentioned that it's fine if just one of your professor is submitting just a few days late (I think they said 3-5), so it sounds like it should still count as Early Action.
  14. @GradSchoolGrad Thanks for your reply and for the perspective on McCourt and where quant may be an issue! Also good to know about Mason and American. I was unsure about them, but I'm having a hard time gauging how competitive of an applicant I am (especially now with COVID), so was thinking I need to cast a net wide enough that I hopefully end up with a couple options to choose from, or at the very least get in somewhere. @prokem Thanks for your reply and very good advice as well! Very good point about asking recommenders to highlight quant experience - hadn't thought about that but
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